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NEW ALBANY — A New Albany man has been sentenced for a robbery and a battery case that caused serious injury to the victim, according to a news release from the Floyd County Prosecutor's Office.

William B. Reid, 22, was sentenced Monday to 10 years through the Floyd County Superior Court for a 2019 case. Reid will serve six of the 10 years at the Indiana Department of Correction in Floyd County Court 3. He will be eligible to participate in the Recovery While Incarcerated program during his sentence.

Reid pled guilty to robbery, a Level 3 felony, for his involvement in the attack, which resulted in a man left unconscious and injured in an alley. Reid had entered an open plea agreement earlier this year with a 14-year sentencing cap.

“Mr. Reid and his accomplice lured the victim into the alley where they attacked him, beating him and then stealing his backpack,” Floyd County Prosecutor Chris Lane said in the news release. “This was a very serious incident which could have had a more serious outcome. Fortunately, it did not.”

The news release said the victim recovered from the attack, and he remembers walking down the alley, but did not see Reid and the other man Reid was with. The probable cause affidavit reports that he recalled being struck by something.

Reid was identified through video surveillance from a nearby property that captured footage of the incident, and police confirmed Reid’s identity through social media postings and driver’s license photos, according to Lane.

In interviews with the police, Reid admitted that he and the other man beat and robbed the victim, saying his right hand was injured after punching the victim.

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