NEW ALBANY — New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan has vetoed an ordinance passed by the city council last month that limits the use of fireworks. The ordinance passed by a 5-4 vote.

In his veto which appeared on New Albany's website, Gahan said the ordinance would be impossible to enforce and "introduces confusion between New Albany police officers and the people of New Albany."

"The 5-4 split council vote to ban legal fireworks is an intrusion into the private lives of our citizens and could silence the joy of many important occasions, like weddings, birthdays, and holidays," the mayor said.

He added that Indiana state law already addresses the use of fireworks.

Matt Nash, Greg Phipps, David Barksdale, Al Knable and Scott Blair voted in favor while Pat McLaughlin, Dan Coffey, Bob Caesar and David Aebersold voted against.

Knable introduced the ordinance and said he heard from three different groups — veterans, pet owners and people who get up early for work — as to why he introduced it to the council.

"It was a close vote with valid arguments to be made for and against," he said. "In the end, I cast my vote based upon personal discussions with veterans suffering from PTSD. I hope the public discourse will remind everyone to be courteous to their neighbors with fireworks. At the very least I now know where to forward future fireworks noise complaints to."

It would take six votes to override veto.

Chris Morris is an assistant editor at the News and Tribune. Contact him via email at Follow him on Twitter: @NAT_ChrisM.

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