NEW ALBANY — A new eatery is now offering Southern Indiana residents tasty dishes, but that invitation comes with a warning — the food might make you "smack yo' mama."

At the end of September, Get It on a Bun at Booty's officially launched operations at 822 State St., bringing with it recipes that made it popular across the Ohio River in Louisville.

"The best way I can describe ourselves is we're like an old-fashioned diner recipe with an international flair," proprietor Tammy Boutiette said.

The name itself is bound to catch customers' attention. Its origin stems from the pronunciation the owners' last name.

"We're nicknamed Mr. and Mrs. Booty," Boutiette said. "That's where all of this comes from. With a last name like that, you've got to make money off of it."

Just over two decades ago, the family jumped into the food business, when husband, Craig, started serving hot dogs throughout Louisville.

"In 1996, he took his first hot dog cart out on to Greenwood Boat Docks," Boutiette said. "Then, we realized we wanted to be in the inner city. We started creating locations for the business section and the hospital section. Prominent foot traffic is the key to success for a mobile vendor."

The business found traction, with its specialty being the Booty Dog. When Boutiette retired from the medical field, she decided to expand the operation.

Starting in 2011, Booty's has served Booty Burgers out of a food truck, as well. That venture led the Boutiettes to found the Louisville Food Truck Association, of which Tammy is the vice president.

Eight years later, the truck is thriving more than ever, with Booty's as a whole being known as the "Home of the Booty Dog and Booty Burger." But the family still wanted to try new things, despite plans to retire.

"I wanted a permanent location," Boutiette said. "I just wanted a little, open-and-shut door place. I didn't want tables, I didn't want chairs."

In April, they came across 822 State St., which used to be home to Shawn's Southern BBQ. The location, Boutiette said, fit what she needed perfectly.

Adorned on a wall in the restaurant's lone, table-less room is lettering reading, "Want to stay, grab a tray, don't stay all day."

"You grab a TV tray, have a sit and watch TV," Boutiette said. "During business hours, it's on black and white, just to bring in the vintage."

The menu is full of the options that won the Boutiettes several awards, including their famous chili, and, of course, the Booty Dog and Booty Burger.

Recently, the menu has come to include new options as well.

"We added vegan options these last few weeks, because vegan is huge right now," Boutiette said. "Even people who aren't vegan want to try a healthier choice, so we put a whole line of options in. Any kind of diet my customers have chosen this week, we can accommodate."

With the permanent location now operating in tandem with the food truck and hot dog carts, the Boutiettes have a full plate on their hands. Even so, they are planning to expand in early 2020, as Boutiette hopes to add greenspace where customers can eat in the neighboring lot.

"We want to be able to have our folks go over there and sit down during the good months to eat outside," she said. "We want to partner with some beer folks, and we want to partner with some farmers markets. We really look forward to next door. We think that's going to bring the community out."

Community, after all, is what the family is here for.

"We just want to be a part of the community," Boutiette said. "We want them to come in here and feel at home when they sit in this little area. When we get it completed over there next door, we want them to feel like they've just gone to grandma and grandpa's and sat out back to eat. We're going to have some fun."

Get It on a Bun at Booty's is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:45 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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