CHARLESTOWN – The investigation into former Charlestown Mayor Bob revealed nothing criminal was done by him or his staff as they left office.

That is according to Indiana State Police Sgt. Carey Hulls.

Hulls said though it was never an official investigation, the department was checking into claims by current Mayor Treva Hodges that many records were missing from the office and computers were set to factory reset when she took office. He said the investigators found no wrongdoing and have closed the case.

“I’m glad we’re vindicated that we didn’t do what we were accused of,” Hall said via phone.

Hodges said she stands behind calling ISP to investigate.

“I think it’s my job to look into this. The lack of evidence of any criminal wrongdoing does not negate the fact that there was certainly mischief that occurred,” Hodges said. “That’s still not good service to the Charlestown community. It might not be criminal, but it’s certainly not respectful.”

She said it’s a good thing for the community that nothing was found.

“We can rest assured that it's done and we can put it behind us and we can move forward,” Hodges said.

Hall said he wishes Hodges had talked to his team before making the accusations, stating a lot of this could have been cleared up by speaking with the clerk-treasurer and information technology specialist.

Hall said other than this having been an aggravation, the investigation didn’t impact him much. He said he’s hoping all of this is finally over.

“I hope it’s over and I can go about living my life,” Hall said. “I love Charlestown. I love the community. I’m still living here. I’d like to be able to spend it in peace and quiet.”

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