INDIANAPOLIS — A man charged in connection with the non-fatal shooting of two Clark County judges in Indianapolis has entered a plea agreement and been sentenced.

Alfredo Vazquez filed the agreement Oct. 10 in Marion Superior Court, pleading to a class A misdemeanor for battery with bodily injury for his role in the May 1 incident involving Clark County judges Andrew Adams and Brad Jacobs. Six other charges, including two felonies, have been dismissed.

On Friday, the plea was accepted and Vazquez was sentenced to 365 days in jail, with 353 suspended, credit for six days served and six days good time credit. He is to serve the 353 days on probation.

Vazquez and co-defendant Brandon Kaiser were arrested in May in connection with the shooting of the two judges after a verbal argument turned physical in a White Castle parking lot around 3 a.m. in downtown Indianapolis. The judges were in town for a statewide judicial conference.

Vazquez and Kaiser were released, then Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry stating that more investigation was needed. Grand jury indictments were filed June 28 against Vazquez, Kaiser and Judge Adams. Vazquez and Adams both faced the same charges — two level 6 felonies for battery with bodily injury and five misdemeanors.

Adams pleaded guilty in September to one class A misdemeanor and was sentenced to 365 days, 363 suspended and credit for one day. He was not given probation.

Vazquez also pleaded guilty Friday to a class A misdemeanor for operating while intoxicated endangering a person, a separate pending case in Marion County opened in October 2018.

Kaiser, the suspect accused of shooting the judges, faces eight felonies, the highest of which are four level 3 felonies for aggravated battery, as well as six misdemeanors. He has a jury trial scheduled for 9 a.m. Nov. 18 in Marion Superior Court.

Court records show Adams, Jacobs and Crawford Circuit Judge Sabrina Bell were outside the White Castle on South Street in downtown Indianapolis between 3 and 3:30 a.m., after they had ben drinking over the course of the night. When Vazquez and Kaiser drove past, one of the men yelling something out the window. Bell then allegedly gave them the middle finger, which started a fight between the two groups — the four men physically fighting with one another, records show — before police say Kaiser pulled a gun and shot both judges before the two fled in an SUV.

Adams was suspended from the bench the day the felonies were filed against him and has petitioned to be reinstated since the felonies are now dismissed. Judicial misconduct charges have also been filed by the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications against Adams, Bell and Jacobs. The Indiana Supreme Court has not yet ruled on either matter.

Aprile Rickert is the crime and courts reporter at the News and Tribune. Contact her via email at or by phone at 812-206-2115. Follow her on Twitter: @Aperoll27.

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