HAMBURG — Clark County has begun the process of improving one of its problem areas along County Road 311.

Until the end of July, a portion of the thoroughfare will be closed between Old Highway 60 and El Nopal for road construction.

"We're just out here doing a new precast box culvert," said project foreman Jordan Rochner, who works with Fulkerson Contracting out of Lanesville. "We have until the end of July to get it done. We hope to finish by mid-July."

According to Rochner and Jack Coffman, president of the Clark County Commissioners, no other sections of the roadway will see any disruption during the installation, and the project is currently on course to finish on time.

"It's due for completion by the end of July." Coffman said. "Fulkerson has been very reliable and has always been one of our better contractors. Originally, we had it set for about 90 days. It's going to hit right close to that. All in all, the project is going pretty well."

The section in question was chosen for repairs due to frequent flooding.

"Just southwest of there on Highway 60 a few years back, the state replaced a culvert there," Coffman said. "That kind of affected County Road 311 at that point right in front of German American Bank, especially during the heavy rains last year. This is a project that was needed. It's a low spot. We took out that culvert and put in a structure, and we'll basically label it a bridge now. It raises that pavement and eliminates the flooding there. There was a lot of utilities that had to be moved, as well. It's going to be safer for our constituents."

The project stems from money received through the Indiana Department of Transportation's Community Crossings Matching Grant Program.

Clark County, Borden, Charlestown and New Albany received a collective total exceeding $2.5 million from the program, with Clark County being awarded $644,537.75.

Community Crossings is a partnership between INDOT and Hoosier communities, both urban and rural, to invest in infrastructure projects that catalyze economic development, create jobs and strengthen local transportation networks, according to INDOT's website.

Projects eligible for funding through Community Crossings include road resurfacing and preservation; bridge rehabilitation or replacement; and road reconstruction with Americans with Disabilities Act compliance in connection with a road project. Material costs for chip sealing and crack filing operations are also eligible for funding.

"It's a yearly grant from the state for infrastructure improvement," Coffman said. "This is the third year for it. We got money the first year, but we didn't get any the second year. We got it in again this year. Basically, you submit projects you need to the state along with costs, and the state determines which ones to approve. It's quite a process. Our county engineer, Ryan Dixon, has been great in acquiring these grants for us."

Money from the grant will also be used for another project, to resurface a bridge on Ind. 160 between Henryville and Charlestown.