NEW ALBANY — The COVID-19 pandemic is preventing Prosser Career Center from inviting the community to an in-person open house this semester, so it is switching to a virtual format.

Prosser is presenting a virtual open house Jan. 19-21 for current sophomores and their families.

Elizabeth Adams, career education coordinator at Prosser, said the school wanted to find a way to connect teachers with prospective students despite the limits on community events caused by COVID-19.

Short videos created by teachers and office staff will show the “ins and outs” of programs at Prosser, as well as information on dual credits and how to apply for the school.

Next week’s virtual events will include Q&As with Prosser teachers, as well as a Q&A with the principal and student services.

‘Those really just give those potential students an opportunity to ask questions and learn a little more about programs and really connect with teachers even though they are not in-person,” Adams said.

One of the programs to be highlighted in the virtual open house is Prosser’s new automation/robotics program, which will begin in the fall semester.

Previously, an industrial maintenance/electricity course at Prosser touched upon automation and robotics, but it was not a major focus. This new two-year program will now be separate from the electricity program.

The automation/robotics program fits in with Prosser’s mission of providing education and training that prepares students for careers in high-demand industries, according to Adams.

“We’re going to have a lot of kids who are interested in it, and we have a lot of businesses in that area who say that’s exactly what they’re looking for,” Adams said. “Advisory committees, local businesses — they are telling us this is what they need, so we are trying to supply that need.”

She said the pandemic has created concerns about being able to properly highlight the hands-on programs at Prosser, and she hopes that students and families will soon be able to attend in-person tours.

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