Sam Sarkisian

Sam Sarkisian

Sam Sarkisian has officially signed the Declaration of Candidacy for Floyd County Sheriff.

Sam is a lifelong resident of Floyd County, with his wife Kathy they have been married for 37 years, they have two grown sons, daughter in law and two beautiful granddaughters who live in our community. Sam Sarkisian has been in law enforcement for 42 years all serving with the Indiana State Police. Sam has been a patrol Trooper, Detective, Crime Scene Investigator, District Investigative Commander and Area Crime Scene Commander, and has a number of law enforcement certifications.

Sam Sarkisian has stated as your Sheriff, I pledge to maintain in our community Safety and Security that we have been accustomed to. In doing this we will continue to have strong enforcement on illegal drugs, that lead to the majority of our crime problems. Sam is for drug treatment programs for those who want to better their lives. I have a number other of plans and programs to continue to keep Floyd County safe and secure. Sam also wants to involve our community with Sheriff Department, with a Sheriff Kids Camp and an Adult Citizens Academy.

Sam Sarkisian will be an excellent steward of taxpayer’s money and has had the experience of maintaining a budget. Sam truly believes that the staff that he has chosen with Frank Loop as Chief, that we will continue to have a professional and great Floyd Sheriff Department. Sam’s resume and additional information can be accessed at and on our Facebook Like Page. Sam Sarkisian would humbly ask for your consideration and support for our campaign. Thank you and God Bless.

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