Rob Sartell of Environmental Management Corporation has distributed to the City Council and Sewer Board a 19-point list of items refuting comments made by a resident at the last council meeting.

Valla Ann Bolovschak reported that on her tour of the sewer plant, managed by EMC for $3.6 million a year, she saw evidence of misspending.

Among the responses by Sartell were the following:

• The sewer utility did purchase a truck for Mayor James Garner, but was reimbursed by the Board of Public Works and Safety.

• Sartell acknowledged that EMC spends more on safety measures than it once did.

“100% safety 100% of the time is our motto,” Sartell wrote. “We will not compromise on the safety of our employees. EMC is spending more on safety than the City did.”

• EMC planted shrubs and trees along the plant’s exterior fence and bought two golf carts, but at its own cost, not the city’s, Sartell said.

• EMC workers use city vehicles, as specified in its contract, but the company pays for consumable products like gasoline and chemicals.

• Sartell wrote that he had no knowledge of the utility spending $749.55 on floor mats for Garner’s truck.

• EMC has hired a cleaning service for its offices, as Bolovschak said.

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