CLARK COUNTY — Despite an electrical fire that moved voting outside at one Clark County polling site and a power outage at two others, officials say Election Day was smooth in Clark County, with results ready just after 8 p.m.

"Given the set of obstacles, we're very satisfied," Clark County Clerk Susan Popp said Tuesday night.

Around 10 a.m., poll workers at the American Legion Post 204 which holds precincts 1, 2 and 3 turned the heater on; within two hours, they'd have to move operations outside.

"Right before noon, we saw smoke coming out of the light fixtures and shortly after that, the fire alarm went off," Becky Jaggers, poll inspector at the site, said. "The smoke was bad."

Poll workers and voters were evacuated outdoors, and when fire crews soon told them they wouldn't be able to go back in because they couldn't locate the fire, they quickly set up shop with the voting booths and registration table in the shelter house on the property.

"They had a very dedicated group of precinct workers," Popp said.

Amir Mousavi, chief for the Tri-Township Fire Protection District, said the fire was electrical in nature and did not produce flames firefighters had to extinguish. As of Tuesday afternoon, power was shut off at the building as workers inspected it for the source of the issue.

Later in the day, just before 4 p.m., the electricity went out at the precincts operating out of Clarksville Middle and High School. Poll workers continued operations, opening the doors to provide lights. Election mechanics went to the school campus to provide a generator for the machine which counts votes. However, there was never a disruption in service to any of the equipment at the schools or at the American Legion, Popp said — the poll books are battery-operated and the machine which counts votes has an auxiliary battery in place in case of a power. failure.

Aprile Rickert is the crime and courts reporter at the News and Tribune. Contact her via email at or by phone at 812-206-2115. Follow her on Twitter: @Aperoll27.

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