Jeff Medical

City of Jeffersonville officials and developers officially break ground on what will be a $60 million project on 10th Street.

JEFFERSONVILLE — More development is coming to 10th Street with Tuesday's groundbreaking for the Jeffersonville Medical Center.

The $4 million facility will comprise 12,000 square feet, the majority of which will be occupied by River Ridge Surgical Suites. As of now, the project is aiming to open in fall.

"Specifically, this medical building will bring outpatient surgery to the community," developer David Nicklies said. "We plan to have two other physician groups in the building also."

Joining the medical facility near Jeffersonville Commons Shopping Center, which is located just off of Interstate 265, will be a new, expansive Planet Fitness, which was also announced at Tuesday's press conference.

"Planet Fitness is something we've had a lot of people requesting," Mayor Mike Moore said. "A 25,000 square foot site for that is extremely large for what they've done. It's encouraging to hear them say that this is their most requested site to put something in."

Once the complex is complete, Moore said it will generate millions of dollars for the City of Jeffersonville.

"The $60 million development here is going to translate into $1.8 million of new revenue for the City of Jeff every year," Moore said. "Then you look across the street at the development on the other side of the road, you're going to have a similar project. I'm really excited."

Over the course of the last seven years, multiple projects have popped up near the interstate due to a variety of factors. Two of the biggest, perhaps, are the opening of the Lewis and Clark Bridge and the ongoing development of River Ridge.

The growth seen due to such amenities has prompted the construction of a variety of businesses in the area, including grocery stores and restaurants.

"We've got a very active community," Moore said. "We've seen a whole influx of residents come in, especially in the east end. They're looking for services. They're looking for convenience. That's what we're offering right here. With the new revenue, infrastructure improvements and new job announcements at River Ridge, everything is just falling into place. I've always said it's like playing a game a chess. We seem to always be three moves ahead, and I like winning."

Moving forward, Moore believes the growth will only continue from here. A major reason for this will be another influx of residents who will populate the Ellingsworth Commons development once it's finished.

"I think the biggest thing is everywhere we look here, we've got open space, which in the years ahead is going to be more and more development," Moore said. "As we look across 10th Street right now, we just had the ribbon cutting for the Ellingsworth Commons development of 512 homes. All of those new residents are going to need places to shop for groceries, to work out, to bank at. Everything that comes in new to the City of Jeff is going to require new plumbers, new roofers, new carpenters, new landscapers. It is a multiplying effect."

Jeffersonville has been no stranger to growth in several sections of the city, including different stretches of 10th and Spring streets. City officials, Moore said, aren't dealing with too many growing pains, however.

"Six years ago, we went all out to get all of the infrastructure needs met," Moore said. "We were years ahead. We were improving the infrastructure back when people were asking why. This is why."