Clarksville vaccine policy hearing

Clarksville Police Captain Derek Crawford speaks about the possible adoption of a vaccine policy for Clarksville town employees at Tuesday night's Town Council meeting. Resident Andre Jones (left) also spoke. 

CLARKSVILLE — The town of Clarksville is waiting before putting a vaccine policy in place for employees.

Clarksville Town Council pulled an agenda item about adopting a COVID vaccine policy at Tuesday night’s meeting after several members went to Town Manager Kevin Baity about concerns in the language of the policy.

“A lot of people interpret this as a vaccine mandate, that is the least thing this does,” he said. “This is a requirement being imposed on us from OSHAA; that’s a requirement of the president to put a vaccine policy in place.”

He says the policy deals with two categories of employees, those who are fully vaccinated against COVID and those who are not.

For vaccinated employees, Baity says they would not have to wear a mask within a workplace when they are in contact with the public.

Those who are unvaccinated — if they’re in contact with the public within six feet or for a certain time or less — would have to wear a mask.

“Employees who are out in the outdoors or have their own cubicles or own offices, if they’re unvaccinated, they would not have the wear the mask,” he said. “It’s only when they come in contact with the public.”

Baity said changing CDC guidance about quarantine and isolation period for those who become infected with COVID also plays into the decision to wait.

He said a definitive answer about Clarksville’s policy could come after the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on the federal vaccine mandate and makes a decision. The Supreme Court hearing is scheduled for Friday.

Clarksville Police Captain Derek Crawford spoke out at the meeting against implementing the policy, saying he’s concerned about how it will affect people who’ve received religious exemptions to getting vaccinated. He said if the policy is put in place now he’d be worried he couldn’t get a promotion in the future.

Resident Andre Jones said he was against it as well.

Council Member Tim Hauber says he also doesn’t support the policy.

“I trust we have enough votes on the council to defeat such a thing,” he said.

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