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FLOYD COUNTY — Two people have been charged with auto theft and fraud after police say they conspired to steal the truck of a former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actor who previously lived in Southern Indiana.

Sarah A. Marker, 32, and Michael Frankeberger, 34, are both charged in Floyd County with a level 6 felony for auto theft and a level 6 felony for fraud for allegations they illegally took the truck of actor Nicholas Brendon. Frankeberger is also charged with a misdemeanor for false informing.

Court records show police were contacted in September by an attorney representing Brendon, who said that he had left his truck at Marker’s home in Georgetown after a bad breakup. When an agent of Brendan’s went to get the truck, it was gone.

Investigation showed that Brendon had purchased the truck from a third party in August 2020, but had not signed the title and his attorney was concerned that it was in August of this year registered in Indiana to Frankeberger, which Brendon had not authorized.

Police went to the address listed on Frankeberger’s title and found the truck there, however a woman said he was not at home and would call. Shortly thereafter, Frankeberger spoke with police and said the car had been purchased and registered legally to him. When police spoke with Marker, she said she had purchased the truck with her own money, however bank records show Brendan is the one who made payments from his own account to the original seller.

Police then concluded that Marker illegally provided the truck to Frankeberger, who forged the title to register it in his name.

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