Jeffersonville shooting

A Jeffersonville police officer on Tuesday investigates a shooting at Greenwood Apartments that left one person dead. 

JEFFERSONVILLE — The family of a man fatally shot at an apartment complex on Green Street in Jeffersonville on Monday say they're in shock and looking for answers.

Family members have identified that man as Eli Elliott, 35, who died at a local hospital after being taken there for gunshot wounds. He was one of three men shot at the Greenwood Apartments just after 11 p.m. Monday. One other was hospitalized. Police have not confirmed the identities of any of the victims, nor released details regarding a suspect or suspects.

"I feel like I'm in shock, because he didn't bother anybody," relative Rhonda McGhee said of Elliot. "He was a very well respected young man. I can't remember a time he ever disrespected anybody. They say the good die young... we got to stop this violence."

His brother, Jeffersonville resident Oscar Elliott, said he's also looking for answers.

"He never bothered people," he said.

One neighbor said she saw the three men outside of an apartment, playing cards. She went inside her own unit and a few minutes later, heard about 15 gunshots, marked with a pause in the middle.

The neighbor, who asked that her name not be used, said she's most worried about safety. This is something she's never seen in her time living at the complex.

"Never, nobody getting shot," she said. "People arguing yeah but nobody getting shot.

"It's not OK."

She said she doesn't know what happened but she hopes answers come soon.

"It could have been anybody," she said, of the suspect or suspects. "The sad thing about it is we don't know."

Police ask that anyone with information call 812-218-TIPS. This is the first homicide in Jeffersonville this year; in 2018, there were four.

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