JEFFERSONVILLE — A former Jeffersonville police officer has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors for battery and criminal mischief in a 2018 incident.

Rebecca Moses, 28, was arrested Oct. 7, 2018, on two level 5 felonies and three misdemeanors related to the battery and intimidation of a woman said to have been dating her ex, court records show.

On Monday, Moses pleaded guilty to one class B misdemeanor for battery and one class B misdemeanor for criminal mischief; the remaining charges have been dismissed and she has been sentenced to six months probation.

Moses's original charges had included felonies for battery by means of a deadly weapon and intimidation. Court records filed just after her arrest stated that she had gone to the home of the alleged victim, hitting her in the face and pressing a knife to her neck with a warning to leave her family alone.

But defense attorney Dave Mosley said he was able to present information to the prosecutor through the course of the case from an expert, a man who said the wound on the woman's neck was not consistent with what Moses was accused of doing.

"We were able to bring in a lot of evidence to show that the case was far less than it appeared at first glance," he said. "This was a volatile situation; the other person involved had been making some very unpleasant statements over text messaging to a mutual friend and there was a confrontation after that but it [wasn't a] level 5 battery."

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said he had relied on statements from the victim when filing the charges, but that as the prosecution progressed, "It became apparent to me that I would not be able to prove that the defendant used a knife and inflicted an injury on the victim based on the evidence that I had," he said.

Moses was hired by the Jeffersonville Police Department in May 2017. She was placed on administrative leave at the onset of the criminal case and in November 2018, Police Chief Kenny Kavanaugh asked the police merit commission to dismiss her. However, Moses said she resigned on her own accord earlier this year.

Moses retains her certification as a police officer, and intends to pursue that career with another department, she said after the hearing.

"I most definitely will go back to a police force but I'm not sure where," she said. "Everything happens for a reason and I believe I'll have better opportunities somewhere else."

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