JEFFERSONVILLE — Flames engulfed a portion of Goodwood Brewhouse on Friday.

According to Sgt. Justin Ames of the Jeffersonville Fire Department, crews were dispatched at 3:23 p.m. A passer-by called 911, relaying information of a fire at 134 Spring St.

Around 25 firefighters responded to the call and upon arrival encountered flames and smoke coming from the building. Jeffersonville Police responded, as well, blocking traffic on Spring Street at Market Street and at Riverside Drive.

“[Firefighters] immediately went into fire attack mode, going to the first, second and third floors doing an initial search and finding nobody...,” Ames said at the scene. “The fire was contained to the third floor and roof area.”

Crews were able to contain the flames within an hour, with the fire officially under control at 4:20 p.m. No rescues were required, and no injuries were reported.

Debris from the blaze fell from the building to the sidewalk and street below. The first block of Spring Street near the Ohio River remained closed temporarily while firefighters worked to secure the Goodwood building.

The building is estimated to have been built circa 1870.

“The way that they were constructed back then, the wood is thicker,” Ames said. “It’s more dense. It actually takes a lot longer to burn. It’s actually a little more safe for us than a modern-day construction.”

Matt McMahan, who has owned the building since 2013, said that the third floor was an open room.

“We had used it as a private party room beforehand,” he said. “There was a little bar area up there. It was kind of small.”

Renovations have been ongoing at the site for several months now. Goodwood Brewing Co. chairman and CEO Ted Mitzlaff said that workers were the ones to initially locate the fire.

He said they were painting on the lower levels when they first smelled the smoke.

“He went up, and he saw the breaker box had smoke around it,” Mitzlaff said. “They got out of the building and called the fire department and called me.”

Mitzlaff said his team was in the process of putting a new floor in the kitchen area. New equipment for the Jeffersonville site had arrived in Louisville on Friday. An opening date was hoped to occur in the coming weeks, prior to the fire.

“We were hoping to open up for March Madness,” Mitzlaff said. “Actually, we were hoping to be open for the Big Ten, SEC and ACC tournaments in a couple weeks. They were in the final stages of updating the kitchen. They were going to put all the equipment back in and be off to the races.”

Now that the fire is contained, JFD officials will conduct a full investigation. Mitzlaff noted that his team will have to assess the damage before they’ll know how the fire will impact the grand opening.

“At this point, I have no idea,” he said. “We’ll figure out how to get the repairs done as quickly as possible.”