CLARKSVILLE — A one-vehicle accident caused temporary lane closures on a southbound portion of Interstate 65 on Monday afternoon.

The incident happened near the exit ramp to Eastern Boulevard at the 2.2-mile marker. The exit ramp and two lanes were closed in the immediate aftermath of the crash, but normal traffic flow has since resumed.

Though only one vehicle was involved, it was pulling a camper behind it. When the driver was switching lanes near the ramp, control over the camper was lost, causing the vehicle to roll over.

“They were hauling a camper with a vehicle attachment on the back end," Detective Nate Walls of the Clarksville Police Department said. "It appears that somewhere along the lane switch, they lost control and the trailer started fishtailing. They ended up flipping."

Both the camper and the white Ford pickup hauling it ended up on their sides. The top of the truck was cut off to remove the occupants — two elderly people and their dog.

According to Walls, the two people were transported to University of Louisville Hospital for treatment of what appeared to be superficial, non-life-threatening injuries.

"The dog is fine," Walls said. "The two elderly people in the vehicle were transported to University Hospital just as a precaution."

The exact cause of the of the crash is still under investigation. No update was given regarding the status of the two occupants.

Walls said that despite the severity of the accident, he is thankful no other vehicles were involved.

"Everybody’s lucky it didn’t turn into a lot of crashes," Walls said. "We’re just thankful everybody was able to walk away."