FLOYD COUNTY — Only 30.27% of registered voters in Floyd County cast their ballots in Tuesday's election.

Of 29,907 registered voters eligible to vote in this election, only 9,054 did so. There was a total of 3,075 early votes and absentee ballots, or 10.28% of registered voters, which included about 2,325 walk-in voters and and more than 740 mailed-in absentee ballots, according to Floyd County Clerk Danita Burks. This year's municipal election included races in New Albany, Georgetown and Greenville.

"Of course, we would like to see more, and it's a little disappointing that not everybody gets out to vote, but it shows that there are a lot of concerned people who said, yeah, I want to get out and vote," Burks said.

In straight-ticket voting in the county, 55.23% were Democrat, 43.22% were Republican and 1.56% were Libertarian. The voting went smoothly, and there were no issues with the machines, Burks said.

In New Albany's mayoral race, 8,447 people voted. New Albany's turnout was a little higher in the last mayoral race four years ago, according to Burks.

Voter turnout this year did best the total in the last municipal general election. In 2015, Floyd County saw 24.94% voter turnout, or 7,149 votes out of 28,660 registered voters.

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