Water Tower

A new water tower is being constructed off Coes Lane in New Albany.

NEW ALBANY — "What is it?"

That question was posed by a concerned citizen who happened to drive past a large, silo looking structure off Coes Lane in New Albany recently.

While it may not be the tallest structure in New Albany as she claimed, it does make you stop and take notice. The silo is a new water tank being constructed by Indiana American Water.

The one million gallon storage tank will replace the one in Jeffersonville, which was an old riveted steel tank, which was recently retired due to age.

The bottom of the composite tank is made of concrete, the top will be steel and when completed, will help meet increased demand. Construction is still ongoing but the tank is taking shape and is located in an empty field.

Joe Loughmiller, with Indiana American Water, said the tank should be completed in late summer of this year. The cost of the project is $3.9 million.

The tank being retired is along Michigan Avenue in Jeffersonville's Arts and Cultural District. That tank was constructed in 1934.

"It had reached its end of life," Loughmiller said. "We needed to put another tank in to replace that one. We looked at this location, and this is really the center our [service] area so it made sense to take it over to New Albany."

New Albany City Council President Scott Blair said he has not heard any feedback from citizens, and admitted it was a "unique looking structure."

Loughmiller said it gives Indiana American Water additional storage and the new tank will be more reliable.

"We think it will benefit everyone," Loughmiller said.

He said the water company transferred ownership of the old tank over to the city of Jeffersonville.

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