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Ready for a hot weekend?

The heat returns just in time for the first weekend of August. We’ll start Saturday morning with lows near 70 degrees in Southern Indiana, marking a much warmer and muggier start compared to those earlier in the week.

A few isolated showers are possible Saturday morning, but most will stay dry. Likewise, by the afternoon we’ll introduce a small, isolated storm chance that will also leave most areas without much-needed rainfall.

By the afternoon we’ll see high temperatures just above the 90-degree mark in most spots across Southern Indiana.

Sunday’s outlook is a very similar affair, but with an even lower storm chance. Much like a broken record, temperatures will be a near repeat of Saturday with lows near 70 Sunday morning and highs in the lower 90s by Sunday afternoon.

Due to the disturbance that kicked up Saturday’s isolated showers and storms being east of us by Sunday, the late weekend storm chance will get knocked down to just 10%. While the humidity will be higher this weekend than what we’ve had lately, it still won’t be enough to trigger any heat index or feel like temperatures that are much above actual air temperatures.

That humidity, however, will soar as we head toward mid next week.

In response to both that and a northwesterly wind flow, we’ll see increased storm chances from Tuesday through Thursday next week.

Even though the storms will be more plentiful, the heat really won’t go anywhere. Stay cool!



Partly sunny

Isolated storm (20%)

HIGH: 92°


Partly sunny

Isolated storm (10%)

HIGH: 93°

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