November the 3rd will resonate with many of us because it will be the most important election day of our lifetime. We have a choice to make in this country. Will we move forward as the United States of America and reclaim what is ours constitutionally? Will we say to the rest of the world that we are ready to step up and move forward to allow ourselves to once again be the leaders the world expects us to be? Will we reach out to each other in common respect to ourselves as citizens and try to heal the wounds of the last few years? It is significant that we understand just how important this election is. It is not about loyalty to the party or to a leader, it is about common human decency, the values we hold dear as a country, and the rights and freedoms we have always fought hard to protect.

In that each of us has to vote. VOTE. It is not without pause to wonder why all the discussion about voter fraud, manipulation or threats. That is what happens when you want to cause people to question why you may or may not be a winner. Lay down now the groundwork that people are trying to sabotage. Quite the opposite is true in our little corner of the world. Susan Popp is the Clark County Clerk and she has done a magnificent job of handling details on the election on a truly bipartisan basis. You have several options for voting this year:

1) In-person voting is Nov. 3 at your local polling site. The only change mentioned to me was that the site normally at Preservation Station will not be open and all voters who would have voted there need to go to First Presbyterian Church located at 222 Walnut St. in Jeffersonville, just a few short blocks away.

2) In-person early voting can be done at the courthouse on Court Avenue at the following times:

Tuesday-Friday, Oct. 6-9, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Monday, Oct. 12- Friday, Oct. 30, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Saturdays, Oct. 24 and Oct. 31, 9 a.m. 4 p.m.

3) Absentee voting by mail — Fill out the Absentee Ballot form online and print it out and mail it to Clark County Voter Registration, 501 E. Court Ave., Jeffersonville, IN 47130 or bring it into the Voter Registration Office by Oct. 22.

4) Voting at your precinct: You may only vote at your specified precinct on Election Day.

The last day to register to vote in this election is Oct. 5.

Please go to the Clark County Voting and Election Information Page on your computer to access information for the 2020 General Election and candidates. It is easy to navigate and answers all your questions. If you don’t get one answered, it easily provides the correct phone numbers and contact person for the answers you seek.

Clerk Popp set some safeguards into play for this election and they are as follows for absentee ballots: All ballots are mailed into the post office where they are placed in a Post Office Box. The only key to that box is located at the Post Office. A Bi-Partisan team will pick up ballots for delivery to the Clerk’s office and a Bi-Partisan Team will also count the ballots. The voted and unvoted ballots are inventoried and accounted for by the bi-partisan teams. Ballots are secured with two pad locks. Democrats and Republicans have their own lock. There’s no access without both locks.

If you request an absentee ballot but do not receive it before Election Day, you may cast a ballot at your precinct. If you mail a completed ballot and it is not received by Election Day, you may vote in person at your precinct.

There are three ways to obtain absentee voter applications:

1) Online — go to and click on the blue box that says “Apply Online/Get Forms and proceed to “Visit My Portal.”

2) Paper application — Print out and complete the absentee ballot application form and mail it to the Clark County Voter Registration office. If you prefer, you may hand deliver your application to the Voter Registration Office.

3) Request by phone: Call the Voter Registration office at 812-285-6329 to request an absentee ballot application and one will be sent to you in the mail.

Voting is a right and a privilege, but even more it is a responsibility. Please remember as an American it is the most sacred thing you can do to ensure the freedoms this country is based on. VOTE Nov. 3.

Barbara Anderson is a local human rights activist. Contact her at

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