What does Congress know? Nothing I tell you. They've did it again, trying to dictate how serious families raise a child. They did this by passing COPPA a few years ago. This law attempts to protect children's privacy, as babies now go online almost before they can walk.

If you have had, will have or are having children come into your life, you know how traumatic it can be, especially when a child reaches age 13. Conscientious and moral parents would not permit a computer inside their house until all their children moved out upon maturity. I suffered through four of them, and there's no way they could have survived without their mother's and God's help.

If you are planning to have a baby come into your life, here's what to expect when it grows to age 13. Sometimes, Congress means well wanting peace and prosperity everywhere, but what do they know about pre-pubescent human beings? About as much as they know about migrants and Russians. Conservative lawmakers advise keeping screws tight on children, whereas liberals let their kids run wild. I let my children explore schools, churches and friendships, but not opposite-sex tight friendships until they were fully mature. There's nothing sillier than a 13-year-old overcome with “puppy” love.

The online child-protection act was designed to protect children age 12 and under. Here's what 13-year-olds can legally do: share photos and stories on Instagram, form a Facebook group, create Google docs, YouTube channels and a Pinterest board. And they can post stuff on Reddit.

I'm nearing 85 and have never seen an Instagram or a Reddit post in my long life, nor have I had the urge to spend a half-day looking at newly posted photos of Facebook friends, some of whom are strangers to me. When do online addicts work for a living?

Luddites are a group believing technology will destroy us. Not me, I began enjoying the fruits of technology back when it became fashionable and when they attached electric lines to our old farmhouse. It was amazing and mystifying. Explain to me how a refrigerator freezes ice and a cook stove cooks biscuits without a flame. It was as if God created a new world again. But if He created technology, why did He put glitches in it? Tech things are great until they crash.

Artificial intelligence is another concern. Modern men probably need it as the requirements of understanding modern technology which has seemed to clog and fog our minds. But now recently liberated women are beginning to use their pent-up and innate intelligence to sort of take over everything man has failed. Another perplexity, do you think global warming might be turning human minds into mush?

There's no way to keep up with the vast changes I've experienced in my adventurous lifetime. I knew how to raise children the Biblically way, obey me, not Congress. Do you think President Trump raised his children online? The First Family seen so happy now that his children are close by officially advising him. But does he listen to them or any other soul or Congress. He was elected to think things through. Listen to him!

Would you take your 13-year-old to get a marriage license? The question is when does a child become mature enough to assume the responsibilities of adult life, particularly Internet adulthood? We often see people over 40 behaving like 12-year-olds.

A recent Wall Street Journal addressed this concern. Researchers at Harvard's Center for Internet and Society interviewed masses of people for five years and found they believed website age requirement was a safety warning. Did you know that if a child under 13, who lies about his age and uses general-audience apps and websites, his data can legally be collected and shared? It's scary, the world and mature children, too.

We must protect our children at all costs. I have four great-grandchildren, the oldest eight. When I see her, she's poking at something in her hand. I'm going to suggest to her parents that they not buy her any machine or gadget thing that runs on a battery until she goes to college. All my children should be thankful I housed, clothed and fed them without online guidance.

What's our world coming to and our lives along with it. Whatever, it's here and now — ice melting, migrants swarming, evil empires hacking, widespread immaturity, segments of humanity turned to savagery and hating gaining on loving.

Adjust to it and go to Google if it will help.

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