It was easier to live one’s life back when living it was much simpler. Unless you’re a full-fledged participant in the relatively new cyberspace universe, your life is probably not worth living. Ask yourself, do I want to be hacked, losing my identity, my credit cards and having my Facebook page crash?

Back when you could live a simple life, there was only one thing to consider. Is what we do, good or bad for us? I did choose to do a few things not good for me but did wake up and realize that good wasn’t as much “fun” as bad things were like strong drink and fatty foods. Who has ever partied through life? To an 85-year-old, a party is congestion-free breathing and a stomach that does not growl back at you.

The other worries in today’s known world are that it has been globalized with people constantly on the go, seeking new dreamy places. Although the globe is warming, ice is too thick here anyway. And if it didn’t rain every day, Indiana corn fields would become a pile of sand.

Back when you could live a simple life, there was only one decision to make — is what I do good or bad for me and our once stable nation, too? This leads us to the POTUS. Donald Trump is frantically trying to bring nothing but good to us. He will not give up on his wall stretching from a plastic-filled sea to a shore covered with dead fish. Can’t America understand that walls keep out undesirables, deplorables and little children locked in cages?

To get what he wants, Trump sets high tariffs on our neighbors and might shut down the government again. Don’t follow the media, it’s “fake” and Mueller spent over $20 million on a “witch hunt.” Tweeting is the quickest and best way to run a government. Google his tweets and read them, a shocking insight to the man’s basic character, who delights in splitting his people apart.

Nonetheless, he has a core constituency wondering if a second Jesus has returned. They believe liberal Democrats to be heathens and only staunch conservatives are reincarnated as saviors. In creating, God took a somewhat conservative approach, but his left-wing son cared for the poor and healed the sick.

Trump, with nerves like stainless steel, is causing Dems to be extremely nervous. Twenty-one of them are running for president, many of whom are women. Apparently, women who experience giving birth want to give birth to a new nation, loving all with a feminine touch.

But it’s unlikely that a citizen of any foreign nation would vote for Trump unless it’s the tyrant in North Korea, who’s buddy-buddy with Trump. Yes, Russia and China will send “dirt” on a Trump opponent. Without colluding the president had almost enough dirt on Hillary to lock her up.

Recently, all-mighty Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and the Senate majority leader, wrote a lengthy article in the Louisville Courier-Journal explaining that he’d “block Dem’s socialist schemes.” To a capitalist, socialism is a filthy word. But McConnell gives credit to his president since they’re now working tightly together in an environment of realizable greatness. They have nearly made Kentucky and other states great again like they were before he and the president joined hands and fresh minds. They passed the greatest tax cut in history, geared to the wealthy. There aren’t that many wealthy people in Kentucky except bourbon distillers, race horse owners, basketball coaches and a few wealthy politicians, who can buy their way to higher offices.

McConnell, working with an arm locked into the president’s brain, also takes credit for locking in conservative judges to assist conservatives in adding to what they have, as pathetic liberals exist on food pantries and the Salvation Army.

As bright as McConnell thinks he is, he must know deep-down that the president’s brain is scattered. Maybe Mitch doesn’t have a deep down, but he is sharp enough to know that Trump will probably carry Kentucky. It takes a sly old fox to understand that in order to remain Senate-majority leader, he can ride on the president’s coat tails.

Will the 2020 race reunite us? Skip 2019 and gear up for good, bad or worse in 2020. It will be like a nation-wide Kentucky Derby. A horse against horse or a mare against a stud race. Hope the winner doesn’t get disqualified for obstructing justice.

It will be a bloody race, like a pack of misguided voters throwing mud balls at whomever we choose to lead America.

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