To my friends and well-wishers out there, I hope that you can forgive me for my naive political predictions this past few months. I put my faith in Mueller, who I feel did a thorough investigation, but wound up without the guts to channel it through to the right people. I know by now that Trump is totally convinced that the laws of our land don’t apply to him.

Donald Trump and his hawkish National Security Advisor John Bolton and Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan are champing at the bit while salivating to get us into a war. Can you imagine these so-called leaders putting a huge aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf right under the Iranians’ noses? He doesn’t know the words diplomacy, tact, or negotiation. All he knows is belligerency and bullheadedness.

I hope we as Americans have learned a great lesson from this past Presidential election. It’s like catching a snake by the head and not being able to let go of him without getting bitten. I realize that I’ve repeated this statement many times in the past and I have to say it again: “I don’t understand how any half-reasonable American after watching and listening to his pompousness, arrogance, and nastiness could cast a vote for him.” I guess it was his hat. I like what my friend Terry Cummins said in his last op-ed in this paper: “In the next election we can wear our own hats (Make America Sane Again).”

Trump has been an absolute disgrace to our once great country. Just look at the fact that 18 of his closest associates are serving prison time because of him and there will be more. I have to say, the saddest part for me is Trump’s closest confidant and personal secretary Michael Cohen, who once stated that he would willingly take a bullet for Donald Trump. When the federal agents raided Cohen’s office and discovered all kinds of incriminating evidence, it was too late for Cohen as his family life was falling apart, he was facing bankruptcy, he spilled his guts the best he could and was obviously very remorseful. 

In my opinion, Michael Cohen deserved a medal. As we all know, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison while the man with 10,000 recorded lies still walks around freely with his nose and chin in the air. Also, he is running around the world just looking for trouble. For example, as soon as President Moon of South Korea established a line of negotiation with Kim Jong-un of North Korea, he pushed President Moon aside and started his own negotiation. He was afraid President Moon would get some credit instead of him. What did Trump do? He gave Kim exactly what he wanted, which was attention on the international stage.

He won’t stand up to his bosom buddy Putin, but he will do big favors for Netanyahu of Israel, like moving the capital to Jerusalem and telling them to go take over the Golan Heights with his blessing. Anything to tee off the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess his reasoning of pulling out of the Paris Peace accord about a year and a half ago was to give Iran a reason to continue with their nuclear program so he can start his very own war. After all, most other presidents have had theirs.

I may be naive, but I still don’t believe Trump will be in the running for the presidency in the year 2020. But by chance he does, we know that he will always have his half-wit base out there, but there are a lot of true Republicans out there who won’t want to have to explain to their grandchildren as to why they voted for an evil man like Donald Trump. But then again, he may not leave us with any more history at all.

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