As each human being begins encountering the aging process, it becomes much more difficult to remember things. It can be due to mental fatigue or the fact that a body and mind, distributed unequally, eventually wears out. As I attempt to hang on to life beyond the norm, I am well-aware that what’s called senility has entered my life-span equation. Thinking of the next sentence to write…??

Oh, we do not live “simply” as I did when I came into this world decades ago. I learned to read by kerosene lamplight. But back then, progress moved at snail’s pace, until the explosion of science and technology. When man learned how to split an atom, it could have resulted in the extinction of human beings everywhere.

Fortunately, not all technological advancements were detrimental to the human mind. The TV remote took the agony of rising from an easy chair to change a channel from a ballgame to Animal Planet, which is where I seem to reside. I watch ballgames to escape reality. And when a game goes into overtime, it adds something of significance to my life. What is life other than a win-lose proposition? But can technology assist us in transferring to where eternal peace in heaven is?

Neuroscientists believe they can. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Michael Graziano asks, “Will your uploaded mind, still be you?” He explains, “The day is coming when we will be able to scan our entire consciousness into a computer, creating a digital replica that can live forever.” As rampant technology is now totally out of control, there’s no doubt about it.

Back when life was about as simple as playing a baseball game, three strikes and you’re out; however, baseball cannot be compared to the human mind. It’s much more complex than that. Whereas baseball requires strong arms and legs, living a complete life requires an abundance of brain power and proper use of it.

It’s obvious that people we see walking aimlessly on streets have no idea what potential they possess that’s concealed inside the top of their heads. It’s unknown how or when neuroscientists counted the number of neurons and synapses lodged in a typical human brain. Take a guess. If normal, you should have about 86 billion neurons interconnected with 100 billion synapses. Working smoothly together, these tiniest of little things determine how smart one is, from a moron to a pre-genius. Intelligence is based upon how much TV we watch or how much time we spend logged to Amazon or how frequently we stare and poke at the thing in our hand. Human progress depends on how gray our gray matter becomes.

Back when I was growing up, I heard my granddad talk about when he went from a horse and buggy to a new-fangled car machine. It was traumatic for him like it is for me now. I don’t know whether to download or upload the record of my life. And I don’t know if I should tweet my feelings like my president does or keep my feelings to myself. Who cares what I think? But what the president thinks could determine what we all think.

One other thing, email is not as secure as a stamped envelope is. Going paperless saves paper, but what is an ocean for? There are too many things to think about. What’s for dinner? The NFL, the World Series, the NCAA. Sports are an escape from reality as is Facebook and googling for a meaningful life are.

Reality is based on what our government does and there’s no escaping it. The 2020 election will determine whether liberals or conservatives know best how to connect their synapses with their abundant neurons to make the wisest decisions. America cries out for it.

This is the planet on which we live. Don’t try escaping from it just yet. Perhaps if neurologists can upload our minds into a kind of alternate self, we could choose to live the same old limited way, or instantly switch to our robotic self. This would dramatically increase one’s IQ. An EQ, emotional quotient, is all-together different and practically impossible to tame.

Whatever the future brings, we must be able to think at a higher level. And now, impeachment is nagging our minds. It was caused by what a whistleblower said. Be careful what you think, say or do. Modern technology can now tape what’s in your mind.

Humankind will attain utopia when it begins thinking straight and using a little common sense like animals do.

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