When children were born prior to the technology revolution, they were provided a rattle thing to put in their hands. It helped keep them calm. Since then, it became necessary to provide tiny children with an electronic gadget to permanently hold in their hands in preparation to live successfully during the throes of the cyberage.

Soon after opening my eyes, I remember seeing my mother reading a book, and then she read it to me. How exciting and illuminating that was. Reading and writing served humanity very well until technology changed all that. And life hasn’t been the same since Einstein discovered something about what was relative. I am and you are, too, or nothing is.

To be successful in today’s world, a child needs to learn to read and understand technical manuals and when and which button to push. I have great-grandchildren more tech savvy than I am. There are buttons that I frequently push and get nothing but a blank.

How much additional information can one absorb? And what do we do with the personal data we collect? Is there an overloaded point that’s like carrying a bushel full of rocks on our backs?

Socialization is another human advantage. If more and more friends are the merrier, then Facebook is the way to go. Not only do you keep abreast of which nation or zoo these friends are in, it’s also an opportunity to wish someone Happy Birthday at least once each day. One problem is carrying a tech device in my arthritic hand.

Our elected government is also making use of efficient and effective methods lying dormant in cyberspace. Instead of going through constitutional but cumbersome Congress, our president tweets the course our nation takes the night before he flies out to another disturbed state. If you want to keep abreast of what’s not fake, print the president’s tweets out. You’ll be surprised to find what’s in his mind and what isn’t.

It’s your choice, choose Facebook or the latest breaking news from Washington. News from there breaks again after it broke less than an hour ago. So many people think Washington is nothing but a swamp. It isn’t, but it’s no harder than replacing the Everglades with plush golf courses where weary people could go to relax and put their frazzled minds back in order.

Can a digitized society ever be re-humanized to regain its soul? There’s no denying that what Washington does affects all the world’s people. Thank goodness our Founding Fathers didn’t gather in Philadelphia with a smart phone in the saddle bag on their horse. And each horse also had a gun attached to it for protection during those lawless times. That’s where the Second Amendment originated.

It should also be remembered that many of our early immigrants were run out of their home countries in Europe. Add the Native Americans smoking peace pipes, and what did New York City look like back then? About the same as it does now.

After intense deliberation, our Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution. They didn’t get into a fist or gun fight over the liberal-conservative thing. They had enough sense to realize that a middle or moderate approach was the one to take. How far left or right can a disturbed person go?

At any rate, our nation progressed, and our Constitution held together until Harvard and Yale established law schools. Litigation became a quick way to make big bucks. Currently, too many of our prized institutions are tied up in courts. Is there a danger of life as we know it grinding to a halt?

If elected president, could you make America great again while being investigated by several Congressional oversight or anti-corruption committees? Would you release your tax returns, or would you delete them like Hillary did her 40,000 emails? Have you ever had something on your computer go poof? To avoid prosecution, back up every facet of your life.

At this late stage in my life, I fear cyberspace, which I feel deeply but can’t see or touch. I fear most new tech things except TV remotes and thermostats. As one ages, his blood runs cold. That’s why the weather channel is so important to us.

How much more artificial intelligence and stabilizing emotional mechanisms will it require to return people to a simpler life? Hurrying up won’t take us there. And why not more research on what love can do? Those who practice it, swear by it.

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