When you fall in love, don’t hurt yourself. Not realizing it, you could be plunging into an abyss. When I first fell, it was like jumping into a land of bliss as it was both amazingly wonderful and deeply troubling; all these deep emotions stemming from the depths of all my body parts. My heart rapidly racing and probably my soul, too. It was something like loving God as I had been trained to do, but then my life focus shifted to a girl and then other girls.

Although I was a mature 16 and she slightly behind at 15, I had an urgent need to reach out and touch her. It was such a wonderful feeling, whereas prior to that, girls had been a nuisance in my life. It’s like one day perceiving girls as being silly as can be, and then overnight they look like Miss America. When it happened to me, I began noticing flowers blooming and among them, butterflies fluttering. What’s come over me? A beautiful but terrible thing mixed together. Have I lost my mind and soul? That’s OK, I know I’m in love and now must save enough to buy a box of candy.

No, it wasn’t sexual yet. I had seen tattered girly magazines and watched animals breed, disgusting. What I felt for her went much deeper than that. As I reached out to touch and soothe her skin, I jerked my hand back, knowing that God and my mother were watching me. But in the whole scheme of things, a boy and girl must join up at some point or the world would end. We all have heard, “You’ll get over it.” I didn’t want to get over it, or did I? Maybe I should shift my love back to my basketball team. When I saw her, I began missing too many shots.

Who knows what love is, but we know it when we feel it from the soles of our feet to all the way up to where, heaven’s gate? Then when a boy-man swears the vow to love, honor and obey her, he’s hooked as love gives meaning to life. But I’ve had neighbors who tried a substitute husband that didn’t work out. They bought a dog and showered it with human love. Dogs know how to return love and that’s why they won’t argue with you.

The Bible is full of love along with too many accounts of pain, suffering and violence. But love is its central theme. To eliminate suffering, all we need do is love the Lord and love all neighbors as much as we love ourselves. But it’s hard when a neighbor blows his grass clippings on your yard.

To spread more love throughout our land, all it would take is for Congress to pass an increased-loving law by levying a tax on the wealthy. If you love your wife, don’t you buy her unneeded things, and if you love your children, don’t you give them everything they want?

This 2020 Love Act would treat all our citizens the same. And treat our many foreign enemies nicer, rather than warning them we have the power to blow them all to hell. The problem is that heads of state, in all their wisdom, love themselves first, and if any love remains, they transfer it to friends, who contribute funds to keep them in office. It only takes our votes to send them to a happy retirement home.

To live a happy life, we should love all out with our minds, hearts and soul. Recently, a new twist to it has entered the big picture. I have friends I’d like to discuss this new scenario with, but they’re occupied, maybe permanently. They’re searching for permanent happiness in cyberspace where they could possibly stumble upon the meaning of their lives. Cyberspace is fake news, isn’t it?

Can prayers be emailed? If so, what can you expect? “To Terry — From God: Read my Bible, which is already printed out, but if you don’t have one, google Gideons. Love, God.”

After Adam told Eve that forbidden things take the fun out of life, philosophers began contemplating what the good life is. Fortunately, our president knows what it is — grabbing all the power you can get.

Hate stews in hell, but love is the greatest force ever. Take two love pills today and make two other people happier tomorrow and then there are three.

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