When man decided to walk on the moon, the first step required a countdown. It takes years of preparation to accomplish those human endeavors that are considered worth the effort. The footprints remaining on the lunar surface are symbolic of the human spirit, when we set our minds to it.

Sorry to alert you, but if you’re not counting down your days to live here, perhaps you need to. All our days are numbered, and existence is based on simple mathematics. Apparently, our creator measured the vast void before He began creating the known universe in only six days. And on that first day He separated the light from darkness for humans to see the goodness before them. But it’s unfortunate that many people have not completely opened theirs. In this hurry-up modern age, we don’t have time to focus our minds on what gives meaning to life. Searching for a parking spot on a map is waste of time.

Think back to when you were a child, full of expectations. At an early age, you began to count down the days until reaching age 16, the age of maturity as certified by a state to legally drive a car. You had already explored the inner workings of computers in kindergarten, sometimes surpassing your parents, who were struggling to reach cyber maturity. As you grew, there would be other challenges in your life that would make a moonshot just another Delta flight to Miami to winter there.

Since that first light shined eons ago, there have been many humans who have preferred dwelling on the dark side. We recognize it during wars and pestilence and especially during presidential elections. The only way to be like God is to make America pure again, like it was in Eden before political serpents slithered into societies everywhere.

Whatever happened to living one day at a time? But there’s not enough hours in a day to do that. Make it 40 hours per day — 36 hours of busyness and four hours tossing and turning. Check your smart phone to determine what you’re scheduled to do during the next precious hour. And our creator certainly knew what He was doing regarding cyberspace. It was not designed to consume our lives, but to provide a means of instant communication, faster than an Instagram. When’s the last time you had communication with your inner self, let alone the higher power?

In considering the element of time, when will it end? You’ve probably heard about eternal time. Yes, but we need more information and the facts. You shouldn’t go to the Super Supreme Court without facts about what you did on earth. It’s too late to apologize. Did you live each day as was suggested, in peace, love, caring and giving? And when’s the last time you nourished your soul? No need explaining how much fun you had, but what you did to make our world a better place. But what do we do with outcast refugees, other than lock them in cages? Whatever Heaven is, politics is outlawed there. Our creator doesn’t beat around a bush. If it needs burning, zap.

Some of us plan our future and some take each day as it comes — or don’t. So why bother? With the current time calendar, age does matter. I’d say you’ll probably feel the woes of the aging process at around age 85. That is if you’ve eaten fruits and vegetables and lived for others as a shining light.

Have you ever given thought about how to prepare to die? If not ready just yet, is there a way to extract apprehension and fear from each person’s personal doomsday? Living a good life for others is a start. But how about do-overs? Better late than never would be better than being vaporized in a void.

The problem with old age is that mysterious ailments pop up in parts of your body that you seldom use or no longer need. Have you recently checked for fungus on your toes or counted the splotches on your face?

It’s not funny, but what’s an old person do? It helps to keep a sense of humor and a positive outlook. After fighting a four-year battle with two cancers, modern medical science has kept me alive and I’m eternally grateful. After living a stupendous life, it’s not over yet. I intend to live my future days one day at a time and go out with a bang, not a whimper.

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