Our national debt is $21,382,707,120,424.00, or was last week. To pay off this debt, each family in the U S owes $423,823. Are you worried about it? Washington isn’t. They have other things on their minds, although the deficit will reach $900 billion this year.

Right now, President Trump is trying to raise enough money to build the Trump wall, and not only that, but he must raise enough to stomp the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, in 2020. He seems desperate, because he sent me another email. He must have me mixed up with a Terry living on Wall Street. I’m barely hanging on to the struggling middle class.

His email reads, (not making this up), “Terry, I want you to enter the chance to meet me for breakfast I’ll be hosting in Florida. This is the first opportunity to win breakfast with me for the 2020 re-elect campaign, and as one of our top supporters, I wanted to make sure you got the invite first.

If you win, we’ll cover your flight, hotel stay, and the meal. You can even bring a friend and we’ll take a picture together so that we can all remember this moment forever.

All it takes is any contribution of at least $3 before March 4th at 11:59 PM to be automatically entered for this once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

What would you do? I’ve taken chances all my life and am still surviving. Or should I contact the FBI or Nancy Pelosi? By the way, would you like to see Mr. Trump’s tax returns?

We get deeper and deeper with the federal money thing and a host of other things beyond our open shores. If Washington doesn’t worry about the deficit and debt, why should we? I’ll shift my attention to my present concern, making it through my good life. As I understand it, there are no deficits in heaven. If I should make it there, at last I’m on Easy Street.

But there are no easy streets here, except where the wealthy live in one of their three homes, one in sunny Florida when weather turns frigid. How did this happen? If you have money, you can buy your way to easier streets. What I do is put another log on the fire.

A recent report pointed out where the national income goes. In 1970, the laboring class received 58 percent of the national income. Today, we get only 52 percent of it. The bulk of it goes to you know where.

Now that Democrats have assumed power in the House, they want to soak the rich with outrageous new taxes — up to 70 percent of those making $10 million a year. My Social Security check comes in at $1,205 each month. If I’m lucky and the government feels sorry for me, I receive a 2 percent increase each year, which buys a larger bottle of nerve pills.

I’m not hurting as the “poor” are. Why should the government give them food, health care and provide a place for the increasing numbers of the homeless to sleep? An underpass protects them from climate change, doesn’t it?

Historically, there has always been the problem of inequality, but a greater problem is how to equalize it. The Bible mentions the “rich” and the “poor” over 300 times in each instance. It does not indicate that the poor are to give to the rich. There is a passage that explains it in minute detail: “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” The odds aren’t good there.

There is the tendency for those who have it to try increasing it. When is enough, enough? Those who don’t have it can only hang on and hope. However, there is a lot of good in this world. There are those who have it, who share it with those in dire need.

Who knows how this sharing the wealth will play out? Soaking the rich will be about as difficult as leading a camel to water or leading Congress to compromise and raise taxes on the wealthy. Either way, we’re dealing with animals of a sort.

Soon, as the president returns from putting out the nuclear fire in North Korea, the soft-spoken Speaker of the House can jump his case and lower the boom. In her plan, the president will receive a big tax hike.

Talk about a nuclear war!

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