Editor’s Note: Following is a special commentary contributed to The Evening News and The Tribune by a New Albany resident, who tells us that she was once embarassed to drive visitors across the rusted pre-painted Kennedy Bridge. No longer is that the case.

They’ve painted (not feinted)

the rusty old shell.

The bridge made us fidget

with deals from an idjit

and problems from hell.

But now it is clean.

Just drive your machine

thru airiness light,

so cheering and bright.

I don’t know how but

it weighs less now.

Shame Blame Rust Distrust,

Light and Bright,

No more fight.

Turn the new page

Not purple and green

but a clear and sweet beige

proud to be seen.

It joins us and carries us

over the current.

The previous blemish

was truly abhorrent.

It glows in the light

by day or by night.

To be braggadocious

is surely our right.

Hold hands KY and IN

Rejoice in our grip.

Get in your cars

and go for a trip.

Don’t fidget dear Brigit

but get in your Ford.

Point north or point south

just so it’s toward

the great Sixty-Five!

now a beautiful drive

o’er the River below;

our own Ohio.

The whole span is ours

with its railings and towers

from Indy to Nashville

from Speedway to Downs

past popcorn capital

and soybean towns.

Not the bridge of the nose

Not a card game like whist,

Not a kind of false teeth,

Not a place on a ship,

But a bridge between folk

over torrents that rile

since the year ’63;

(We remember that trial).

It joins South and North.

It bridges the span.

Reminds us that worth

of ties is the plan.

For starlings and Thunder

boats and barges,

the job is finished.

Forget the tough charges.

To painters and leaders,

taxpayers too,

raise a banner of Thanks

and Hullabaloo!

Fresh and pure

under sky of azure,

floating yet strong ...

We raise this song

of surprise and delight –

Something’s all right!

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