When I was growing up, my mother told me to always be nice to everyone. She said that I might not ever attain honor and glory, but that God would judge me on how nice I’ve been. My grandfather, who was a dirt farmer and dabbled in politics, told me to never collude with a neighbor or become involved in quid pro quo. He also told me to not build a barbed-wire wall to keep hungry neighbors out, and if they came, put them to work. He also said that if a neighbor got too big for his britches, impeach him. And he told me that if I ever lied to him, he’d cut and use a hickory switch. It worked, but it’s illegal to horse whip an elected official.

Nearly 200 years ago, poet Percy Shelley wrote, “The worst mistake which was ever made in this world was the separation of political science from ethics.” Did a politician ever look you in the eye when he promised happy days again?

Then when growing to manhood, I became sort of mixed up when I began reading the newspapers, which I assumed weren’t fake. Watch TV now and its constant breaking news, most of which breaks your heart. No wonder people are searching for anything other than watching impeachment hearings where the truth will come out, or it won’t.

I grew up in Kentucky, which had the best motto of all: "United we stand, divided we fall." Don’t laugh; back then Kentucky was a partially civilized state. If elections became too tense, we carried guns and still do. How many guns does it take to protect the White House, or any family? There is no legal limit. Fortunately, we became slightly more civilized. Rather than using violence in political campaigns, we spend big money to buy them off.

What will be the cost of the 2020 election? Probably enough to significantly reduce poverty and put welfare people to work. It’s reached the point that candidates remind me of a homeless person, holding a sign on a street. And to win, many nice candidates change their personalities. Attacking opponents is now the best way to win.

Candidate Joe Biden recently called President Trump an “idiot.” And the president said that if some Republicans don’t support him, they’re “scum.” And to prevent corruption from entering politics, the president sent Rudy Giuliana out to search for it. And if he finds it, he should be familiar with what to do with it. Meanwhile, the Dems are furiously conducting debates, which appear to be something like a junior-high school food fight. Until set-in-stone conservatives meet wishy-washy liberals somewhere in the middle of an expressway, America will remain stuck in a massive roadblock. How wide do we have to be divided, before we fall? How did Americans, living side-by-side, ever become “us” against “them?” Are us the moral and right ones and them the ungodly ones?

Maybe we need to draw another Mason-Dixon line and establish Two States of America. Then which side will be granted the banking and industrial state, leaving the other side a welfare state? Elections should be important to us, if we accept the sleazy aspects of it.

Growing up on a farm where a freed slave once lived (the remnants of his cabin are still there), I’ve seen amazing progress through the years. After many years of conflict between every color, creed and culture that migrated to our land of opportunity, we are seeing the fruits of the so-called “melting pot.” Although there’s a long way to go, I think the good people outnumber the scum and idiots by a wide margin. From the horrors of the Civil War, look at how far the freed slaves have come.

It’s estimated that by 2040, the white race will be a minority in the USA. Will we be more united than we are now? As we approach the 2020 election, will you vote for the party so they can continue to “party,” or will you vote for truth and justice? Admittedly, too often it’s difficult to determine which party is shooting straight with us. It’s discouraging that common people are more honest than elite politicians are.

It’s been said that people will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. There must be an unselfish person out there who can cause a large majority of us to feel good again.

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