Americans have always looked toward the future with great expectations. But if you’ve glanced at it lately, your mind is probably deeply perplexed. We’ve prided ourselves as being the most civilized nation in the known world. Civility is simply using good common sense, including being kind to other people. What happened was that as political parties divided into rigid-right and staunch-left branches, Civil War II began.

When people of all walks of life gather to form a union, there’s going to be disagreements. It was brought to light during the recent impeachment hearings. We heard witnesses telling the truth as they perceived it. Who knows, it could have been a hoax or a witch hunt. Sadly, humans have learned how to evade the truth, and become good at it. Animals are who they are, and don’t cover stuff up.

President Trump is who he is and doesn’t seem to let anything bother him, a positive human attribute, but can he be president permanently? As we all are, he cannot continue without more money. How much is needed now? More than an ordinary citizen making minimum wage can imagine. He’s using the internet to sell special Donald Trump Christmas wrapping paper. It’s the truth, and it’s true the Democrats will sell whatever you want for a price, too. They’re not as dumb as they often appear to be.

Isn’t it unconstitutional to mix religion with politics by selling Christmas wrapping paper, symbolic of the birth of Baby Jesus imprinted on it? What will Democrats sell, flimsy Christmas ornaments to hang on a fake tree?

And now another man, Michael Bloomberg from New York City, who is loaded, is trying to buy his way into the presidency. Elite New Yorkers play with common people as if we’re a Christmas toy. New York is not the power center; common American people are. When we wake up, we can overcome this craziness if votes carry more weight than money does.

Although politics is the worst aspect of human endeavors, there are other issues of deep concern. Not that many years ago, you could express love for God, family and neighbors without stacking fancy presents to the ceiling near an indoor tree. It didn’t require that much brain power to live a simple life, as God intended when explaining how to attain eternal peace.

But what did men, combined with women, do? They created artificial intelligence to relieve humans from making decisions on their own. And they designed AI robots to take drudgery out of life. Do you understand what algorithms are, and how important they are to our lives? They are pieces of junk. One expert said that AI doesn’t use common sense. Another said that if instructing your personal robot to make coffee, it might kill you instead. If you want to turn your life over to the latest machine, go ahead. A mechanical life is much easier to live than a spiritual one.

Maybe, all these developments are in the Grand Plan. As we know, God works in mysterious ways, as does His human creations. It’s also a mystery how dogs and cats seem to know their purpose in life better than their masters do.

The word “politics” is not in the Bible, but “pollution” is mentioned numerous times. Pollution in the air chokes us. Pollution of the soul will destroy a human heart every time.

This is where “civilized” America is at this point in fleeting time. Everything from impeachment to another sickening election to borrowing and shopping. When does a person think on these things? Don’t worry about it, the new 2020 government, with Amazon’s and Microsoft’s help, will put our lives back in order.

When we went to Grandmother’s house, to be thankful for bounty, which includes Black Friday when stuff is 50% off, did you count your blessings?

As we approach the Peace-on-Earth season, wish for a new year to come. Despite a chaotic world, there’s so much good going around in quiet ways and so much for which to be thankful. If a neighbor moves next door and speaks a different language, speak to him in sign language with a smile on your face. If a family member bugs you too much, praying to God is your best bet.

And if you think your head of state could be off his rocker, wish him or her Merry Christmas. Whatever it takes to live in peace, that isn’t an artificial one.

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