When traveling on life’s expressway, one often comes to a crossroad, a dead end, or a fork in the road. When President Trump took office, he chose the fork, not realizing where it could lead. Backing up is dangerous and impairs vision. He’d tried building walls, but criminals found ways to go over, under or around them. Veering off could lead to more whistleblowers and entanglements with quid pro quo adherents. Making America great again is a worthy goal. How do we get there when Dems are conducting impeachment hearings to determine if our president committed bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors? Most people don’t worry that much about committing misdemeanors.

As the impeachment hearings continue, we’re finding nasty words being tweeted about lonely ambassadors in partially civilized countries all over the unsettled world. Take Ukraine; the president sent his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliana, there to look for corruption. Mr. Giuliana is now a faithful public servant, sacrificing personal gain to support his president. In our highly litigated society, if you don’t have a lawyer yet, get one to advise you right from wrong regarding the laws you don’t want to follow.

As I understand the current situation, you might call a ruler in a lower-level foreign country and try to make a friendly deal with them. According to breaking news sources, it went something like this: Hi, how’s it going? Listen, I’ll send you several billion dollars if you’ll do me a “favor” — investigate Joe Biden and his son. Deep in debt, how could Ukraine refuse?

It’s all very complicated and entangled as the USA seems to become further divided as we travel on this bumpy road to reunification. Recently, a long-standing and highly reputable ambassador to Ukraine was fired by her president, who said, “She is bad news.” Marie Yovanovitch testified at the impeachment inquiry that she felt “intimidated.” Although the president has executive power to do about anything he wants, he doesn’t. He is not a “divine right” king, issuing official tweets nightly from the White House. And Congress doesn’t have the power to veto tweets.

The president now must deal with Nancy Pelosi, whether he wants to or not. She’s the Speaker of the House, shouting out from her platform, deliberately and methodically building an impeachable case against the president.

From history, we know that Bill Clinton survived impeachment when it was determined that lying about “having sex with that woman,” was considered a minor misdemeanor.

If the House votes to impeach, then supporters of impeachment must beware of Sen. Mitch McConnell, the second-most powerful person in the divided States. He determines which legislation to send to the Senate for a vote. There’s no law to prevent him from stalling. He’s been there so long he knows all the little political tricks. To impeach, it must pass the Senate by two-thirds majority. It’s unlikely, because several Republicans would need to vote for impeachment and become traitorous to their party

Fortunately, the hearings are now on live television. Rather than watching afternoon soap operas, you can now watch inhumanity emanating from Washington.

Many Americans feel strongly that the president is leading us into an impenetrable wall, which could result in a dead end. No one wants that, but something must give, maybe a compromise?

Never compromise your values even when they clash with your “friends” across the aisle. There are no friends across any aisle. Liberals and conservatives are never on the same page. If one side is right, the other is wrong, but it’s not a sin to turn the page.

Not surprisingly, America remains divided like it was during the Civil War, when the North practically wiped out the South. But the South rose again with a vengeance. It was not until World War II that America united again. However, it didn’t take long to create other internal civil wars to fight; the price of health care, plastic-lined ocean floors, guns that keep people alive, inequality that limits quality of life.

Three things can happen: The president is impeached or isn’t. The third is that we suffer through another agonizing election. The Democrats are desperately trying to find a stable human being who can defeat Trumpian values. The recent lively presidential candidate debate with 10 Democrat candidates on stage was enlightening, until it wasn’t.

Have we somehow mysteriously migrated to a dark planet? We could pray that we’ll see the light of day again, but it’s unconstitutional to ask God to pick a godly president. Weird as it is, take life as it comes.

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