I don’t care where you have been or even what you have done

You are looking quite clearly forward to the year of 2021.

After Elections, COVID, Dr. Fauci, and minimum wage stimulus checks

I can speak personally for many of who are Nervous Nellie wrecks.

2020 seems like the place where reality died, and surrealism was born

Edgar Allen Poe would have even been somewhat more depressed and forlorn.

Like a repeating Bell Curve the COVID numbers dipped and then surged

Until in a relatively short time a new COVID vaccine then emerged.

Some stand in line; waiting to take it hoping for COVID-free life anew

Others claim there’s a micro-chip the government is implanting in you.

You almost OD’d from cabin fever’ with a bit of election intrigue

You are possibly Trumped out to the max with a bit of Donald Fatigue.

Or you are pulling for Rootin Tootin’ Rudy to obtain a legal ruling; desist and decease

Time will tell if Tutti Fruitti Rudy will prevail; with a decent dye job for his hairpiece.

He fights on like Don Quixote, armed with legal papers not sword; and keeping it legit

His briefs stuffed with dye-stained lawsuits; the M.C. Hammer of lawyers is too legit to quit.

Will we say; “Fare The Well” to The Donald, for seems barely we ever knew ya

Some took truths to heart, satisfied sucklings; others claim to see right through ya.

And just when we thought we were getting $2000 to spend

It was all lost by Mitch if he had only had one by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin.

The Georgia election runoff it is in campaign mode full steam ahead

While party campaign workers rush feverously in time to register the dead.

In a world full of stress, and worries, and people all gruff and surly

At least they let Aunt Becky from Full House out of prison release early.

Trump hasn’t really changed from before a congested election at hand

Exchanging one bunker for another every day trying to play out of the sand.

Crazy Uncle Joe, President elect, seems to be laying low and sublime

As one might except of him at this juncture — kind of just biden’ his time.

The stock market awaits every new news story with numbers well in hand

With tomorrow’s numbers another bull market or more resemble Custer’s Last Stand.

As of this writing about two-and-half-million Americans have received their vaccination

Trump crowing Warp Speed, NBC news reports takes 10 years to inoculate all the nation.

In the COVID and Federal budget bill, pork was stirred in the political pudding which muddies

While poor Pakistan anxiously is awaiting well-deserved funding for nationwide gender studies.

I don’t want to spoil your New Year’s Eve optimism, as it’s good to dispel and to purge

But in two weeks Dr. Fauci predicts us to be enduring the Christmas COVID surge.

So, order new masks; the designer ones preferred and color coordinate your fashion

Be the well-dressed COVID Warrior; a spitting mirror image, dressing for passion.

Stock up on Clorox wipes, spray cleaners, wet naps; on all your cleansers, and clean

For what we thought were the worst of times might have been just the time in between.

I saw Father Time last week looking old, frazzled, exhausted based on 2020 and its merit

But we can smile knowing it’s neither you nor in 2021 whose job is this mess to inherit!

OK, to my regular readers. Anytime I can get an M.C. Hammer reference in a modern column — well, it’s a proud day.

Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who

can be reached at lindon.dodd@hotmail.com

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