“The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Winston Churchill

There has already been a mention of the S-word by a weatherman. I haven’t cut grass in several weeks. And, when I perused the Internet this past week for hottest Halloween costumes, they were really hot: Sexy Witch, Sexy Nurse, and Sexy Mr. Rogers! On Halloween Night it might actually have been a beautiful day in the neighborhood! This column was pre-recorded.

All the signs tell me that it must be time for another edition of Dodd’s Odds! I thought I might spice things up this year as a thank you to one of Jeffersonville’s native, and once favorite sons; Papa John Schnatter. Not sure if I can still legally put that title in print. I wish to thank John for recently donating the money for a new JHS baseball field. This year’s “odds” will be the number of slices of the political pizza pie that I think each candidate will get. Each whole pizza will contain 8 slices no matter how I cut them.

Jeffersonville has a mayor’s race this year and the combatants are people under whose respective administration’s there have been many changes to Jeffersonville’s landscape. I will begin with a quiz.

Who gets credit for the River Ridge Industrial Park, Mike Moore or Tom Galligan?

Who secured the areas for the Terrace Lawn and Riverstage, Mike Moore or Tom Galligan?

Who worked the most on the plans for the Big Four Bridge, Mike Moore or Tom Galligan?

Which candidate benefitted most from a 1-foot strip of land annexed from Jeffersonville to Utica under Mayor Richard Vissing, which allowed sewers to be run from Jeff to Utica, which eventually allowed many areas of annexation and development for the city, Mike Moore or Tom Galligan?

Which candidate benefitted the most from Dale Orem’s new city sewer plant, Mike Moore or Tom Galligan?

It might take a village, but it also takes a lot of lead-in from one administration to another for continued success in a city. Tom Galligan is trying to do something very difficult under any election conditions, regain a seat formerly lost in an election. He has accomplished it before. During Mike Moore’s administration the continued River Ridge development, the nation’s economy booming, and the opening of the Big Four pedestrian bridge has allowed for enormous change.

Give credit to previous mayors and credit to Mike Moore for not slowing the changes; some of which seemed inevitable and others of his own administration’s efforts. I hold the distinction of having had my name cursed at by both of these candidates in the past for something I have written. I feel pretty confident that when things are going well, things look great for the incumbent. Also note that any Republican running will start out with at least a 2,000 vote lead out of the gate if straight party tickets mirror the last couple of elections.

Dodd’s Odds: 5 slices of pizza for Mike Moore, 3 slices of pizza for Tom Galligan.

Charlestown’s mayor’s race has been one long, hard fought, and sometimes ugly affair. I really don’t point fingers at either candidate personally, but it sometimes just happens. Bob Hall has been in just long enough to have made his share of political enemies. I also know that when a mayor in a town that size has been in power, many positions have been staffed by people loyal to the boss and whose livelihoods can sometimes depend upon the outcome. Ladies and gentlemen, that is purely small-town politics in a nutshell.

I lived in the area for almost a decade and know the people and politics of Charlestown. I feel compelled to mention two names of people very pivotal in their individual political activism, Harold Goodlet Sr. and Charlie Gregory. For me this election Day in Charlestown will seem a bit boring without them, and I am pretty confidant Treva Hodges lost two votes.

Bob Hall has significantly and undeniably changed the face of Charlestown forever. I have spent time in depth in political discussions with Treva Hodges and find her intelligent, witty, extremely well-informed, and a very worthy candidate. I also remember what a strong race Donna Ennis ran against Bob Hall the last time out. Possible upset here, but I can’t pick it.

Dodd’s Odds: Bob Hall, 4 slices of pizza; Treva Hodges, 3 slices of pizza. I ate the other slice.

Jeffersonville City Clerk — Dodd’s Odds: Lisa Gill, 5 slices of pizza; Jeff Frey, 3 slices of pizza.

Jeffersonville City Council At-Large — Dodd’s Odds: A whole pizza each for candidates Scott Hawkins, Matt Owen and Ron Ellis.

Jeffersonville City Council District 1 — Dodd’s Odds: Dustin White, 6 slices of pizza; Mary Jo Carrico, 1 slice.

Clarksville Town Council Member District 1 — Dodd's Odds: Michaela Gilbert, 4 slices of pizza; Tim Hauber, 3 slices of pizza; and Greg Hertzsch, 1 slice.

As always, remember to vote early and often and don’t place any wager higher than you can afford to lose. After all, politics is a game of chance and is played mostly for the amusement of the citizens.

Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be reached at lindon.dodd@hotmail.com.

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