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Yet another exercise in flexing our Democracy muscles is in the books. Here are some post-2019 election musings from the editor’s office…

• The majority of voters aren’t into exercise. Only about a third of the electorate in Clark and Floyd counties bothered to vote. That’s disappointing. Even the convenience of vote centers — something I favor for all counties — didn’t seem to make much of a difference in Floyd County. We have to start thinking outside the box when it comes to attracting voters. Maybe door prizes.

• Speaking of outside, if the election day temperature is above 50 degrees and the skies are clear, outdoor voting should be a thing. Voters at the Sellersburg American Legion got a taste of it Tuesday, when a minor fire prompted poll workers to move the action outside. It kind of had a farmers market feel to it. We could even co-op with growers next election; maybe more voters would come if there were veggies.

• Speaking of food, election night pizza — a staple for hungry reporters — is getting expensive. We may have to consider breadsticks in 2020. (Shhhh, don’t tell them, they might not come back to work.)

• Speaking of the 2020 election, it crept into this one thanks to Andrew Yang. Two of his supporters stood outside a Jeffersonville polling place, gathering signatures in support of placing his name on the Indiana ballot next year. They were thrilled when I said I knew who he was, indicating that was a rarity among the voters with whom they had spoken.

• Speaking of Presidential politics, it’s becoming a sideshow — on all sides. At least that’s one thing the hopefuls and officeholder have in common. Their attempts to sway voters is making this one dizzy, and a bit nauseous.

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