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I have one message for y’all — the same message — no matter if your political leanings are left or right, if you are a died-in-the-wool Republican or a die-hard Democrat, if you are an Independent or couldn’t care less about politics, or if you are a nasty, ill-tempered human being.

Stop with the glee.

There is no honor in making a mockery of the State of the Union Address. It doesn’t matter if you are the President not shaking hands or the Speaker of the House tearing up the written remarks. A night that should have been about outlining national priorities turned into one of politics and personalities.

It is incumbent on us all to call out these actions for what they are — nonsense.

People have to take ownership of their own behavior before they can expect better of others.

We are facing serious crises in this country — in the world, really — and we must find a way to work together even if we don’t like each other.

Stop with the glee.

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh has participated in the polarization of America. He speaks for many at the cost of alienating the rest. You may applaud that tactic. I personally do not.

But I also don’t believe he, or anyone else, deserves to be ravaged by cancer.

It is sad to read social media postings in which some people are espousing this is Limbaugh getting what he deserves.

Really? So cancer is the great leveler?

Remember seeing your younger sibling waste away, saying goodbye to a parent too soon, screaming when your friend — who fought so hard — died of cancer.

Now tell me anybody deserves such a fate.

It’s OK if you don’t think Limbaugh deserves the Medal of Freedom. It’s OK to be skeptical of the timing, finding the optics suspect.

It’s shameful to view the onset of disease as some sort of comeuppance.

Stop with the glee.

Technology, sometimes, is not our friend.

It’s apparent when your laptop crashes and the school paper you spent hours working on is just gone.

It’s pronounced when you are in need of directions, but you rely on Siri and find yourself lost and without a cell phone signal.

Therefore, it’s not really surprising that a newfangled app failed the Iowa Democrats just as they took the national stage for their caucuses. It was, after all, the product of human invention, and we all know the intrinsic flaws of that dynamic.

The guffawing of Republicans could be heard throughout the land. But you better believe they were revisiting the science behind any apps they have in the works. Lessons learned at the knee of the afflicted.

The app failure was embarrassing for Iowans, for Democrats, and for citizens who sense the world scoffing at our foibles. After all, we’re all just Americans to them.

Perhaps it’s time we started acting like it.

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