Most motorists already know state law requires them to change lanes when approaching a stopped emergency or state highway vehicle when its emergency lights are flashing.

And if that’s not possible, drivers are required to reduce their speed to safely pass the vehicle.

We all were reminded of the importance of attentive driving, after three Indiana state troopers were involved in three separate crashes during the spring of 2015. Trooper Roosevelt Williams told Fox 59 he has seen several close calls during his tenure with the Indiana State Police.

“If ten cars pass me, you may get one or two of them that may slow down below the posted speed limit to pass you,” he told the Indianapolis news station.

Two changes were made to the state’s “move-over” law several years ago, and Indiana State Police will be targeting drivers this week whether they know them or not.

Service vehicles operated by utilities were added to the list of vehicles requiring motorists to change lanes.

The other addition to the law had to do with speed. If you are unable to safely change lanes to avoid the police car, ambulance, tow truck or other vehicles on the list, you must reduce your speed to 10 mph below the posted limit.

Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Transportation also advise people not to come to a stop for these vehicles, as that could result in a chain-reaction collision.

A violation of the move-over law that leads to death, injury or causes damage to equipment can result in a $10,000 fine and a license suspension of up to two years.

There’s a lot of highway construction underway in Indiana. You’ve seen the orange barrels and work zones, and state highway workers, as well. They’re mowing medians, repairing potholes and building new roads and bridges — making Hoosier roadways safer for you and your family.

By following the law and switching lanes or slowing down for emergency, highway and utility workers, you can do more than show some common courtesy.

You can help save lives.

Kokomo Tribune editorial board

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