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In his speech Wednesday before veterans at the AMVETS National Convention in Louisville, President Donald Trump was on his best behavior — for the most part.

Fifty years ago tomorrow, July 20, an amazing thing happened when two humans — Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin — landed on the moon and stepped onto its dusty surface. The fact their craft didn't hurtle to the ground and turn the moon into their grave was, in itself, hard to believe. …

Since the current session of the Indiana General Assembly began, the possibility of Terre Haute and Vigo County becoming part of Indiana's gaming infrastructure became more real with each passing legislative step. As recently as Monday, the House Ways and Means Committee added its mark to a …

Our national debt is $21,382,707,120,424.00, or was last week. To pay off this debt, each family in the U S owes $423,823. Are you worried about it? Washington isn’t. They have other things on their minds, although the deficit will reach $900 billion this year.


THE ISSUE: Indiana House Bill 1212 would change the publication requirement for notice of sheriff's sales (mortgage foreclosures), eliminating newspaper publication in favor of posting the information on a website operated by the county or the sheriff.

Local school corporations are in competition for students, almost daily. Gone are the days of boundaries, and being forced to go to a certain school based on where you live.

General Election 2018 held much to celebrate. Voters turned out — for a midterm election — in record numbers across the nation. Southern Indiana voters added their ballots in turnout rivaling a presidential election year. That’s impressive engagement.


Ever held a newborn infant? There’s power in those tiny little feet and fingers, that shaky cry that announces to the world, “I’m here.” It’s the power to claim your heart before you knew it was available.

Housing affordability — or rather unaffordability — has received plenty of attention since the Great Recession. Even though we are now past that event, the cost of housing continues to be a major concern for many, if not most, Hoosiers. It seems that every couple of months, some group, be it…

Indiana State Police are stepping up enforcement this week of Indiana's "move over" law. By switching lanes or slowing down for emergency, highway and utility workers, you can help save lives.

Last year, Floyd County Superior Court Judge Susan Orth told the News and Tribune that she saw opioid abuse-related cases almost daily in her court. Part of the paper’s special series, “Crossroads of Crisis,” exploring the opioid epidemic plaguing our community, Floyd County Sheriff Frank Lo…

Businesses and employers both big and small in Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District face the same challenge: they can’t find enough workers to fill open jobs in their growing businesses. From local small business owners to major Hoosier manufacturers, all are impacted by this growing workf…

Even in our digital age, we adults put our signatures on a lot of paper, everything from home loans to greeting cards. For registered voters and property owners living in the Greater Clark County Schools district, there’s another document to consider signing.


The hope of any citizenry is that in times of crisis, the people in positions to “serve, protect and defend” would do just that. Putting the oath into action was never more apparent than in the past week.

Dozens are dead and tens of thousands of Texans remain homeless, their homes and lives shattered by Hurricane Harvey’s epic deluge of flood water. Along with Congress, President Donald Trump's top priority should be getting as much disaster relief to Southeast Texas as quickly as possible. 

Law enforcement in our state is tasked with keeping Hoosiers as safe as possible. So, it makes sense that a move to strip the state’s handgun permit laws elicited a strong rebuke from officers.

“Having been involved in the process as a practitioner — experiencing what happens when the court is overburdened like it is and seeing how that affected my clients, my practice and those of my colleagues — the opportunity to be part of the solution was certainly attractive.”

“Clients are so much better off and we do what we can to assist them. They are now able to live in a community where as in the past they lived with their families until they could no longer care for them and then they were institutionalized. There are no longer any institutions in Indiana. I…

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Raymond O. Oyler, 86, of New Albany, passed away early Friday morning in New Albany after fighting a long, hard 15 year battle with Alzheimer's disease. He was born in Warsaw, Indiana to the late Ralph and Violet (Hull) Oyler. He was a longtime member of St. John's United Presbyterian Church…

Cody Winston Embry, 79, Henryville, passed away Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, at Sellersburg Nursing and Rehab. Born on the family farm in Butler County, Ky., March 14, 1940. Cody loved his relationship with the Lord, the outdoors, music, and the UK Wildcats. He was preceded in death by his parent…