The only reason that God created man is that he was disappointed with the monkey.”

Mark Twain

I guess it’s time to start thinking about our future. I know we all just celebrated the birth of our Lord and still have an Egg Nog hangover (and in some cases the Nog wasn’t even spiked with liquor)! But, hey, one can’t loathe over the Christmas holidays forever.

This weekend column is in a kind of weird time and place. By the time you read this Christmas is over and most people I believe are like me. I love the buildup and all the kind and good spirit everywhere you go. But once Christmas is over, I am Christmas-ed out! I know that’s not a word!

In the past I have celebrated or lamented years with poetry and prose. It is just almost impossible for me to sum up the year 2020. I will say for me personally 2020 is the weirdest thing I have ever survived and hope never to see anything like it again.

Without going through a monotonous review let’s just all agree to agree on that point. So, what we are left with is to try to predict or at the least hope for the year 2021!

A new President unless you are a die-hard Trump supporter who still thinks he is going to be declared the winner. And with the races in Georgia the Senate majority is up for grabs. I think it would be kind of funny if each party won a seat and ended up in a tie. I know it is kind of evil, but I would enjoy the chaos it would bring. Nothing I enjoy more than watching Washington politicians when things are not going their way. A most unlikable lot, the likes of which one may never see again.

I almost hesitate to even mention Covid-19. The vaccine is here and hopefully some relief is on its way. Of course, there are still people who think this thing is overblown and kind of super-hyped. I don’t know what to say about such matters.

I want to predict that by mid-summer Covid won’t be a thing or at least not the thing. Who knows?

I think what perplexes me most is when we will be able to return to a normal life. I never accepted this whole mask-wearing, six-foot apart, social distancing, school-at-home, work-at-home, no family gatherings thing as a new normal. Nothing could possibly be farther from normal for my personal life than this past year’s sacrifices. I accepted that they had to be made. I did my best to follow each and/or every rule or policy to a reasonable degree. I never want this to be my normal life’s existence.

My wish for 2021 is to attend an in-theater movie, enjoy an indoor concert, perhaps bowl a game or two, celebrate a festival, or simply feel comfortable to embrace an old friend upon a chance meeting.

I once was happily ignorant as to the difference between and epidemic and a pandemic. Oh, the good old days!

I guess my 2021 Wish List is close to anyone else’s. I want to be healthy first and foremost. At 65 years of age one understands every day without an injury, chronic pain, or scary health prognosis is a wonderful day.

Most of all I just want to have a carefree and comfortable existence in day-to-day life. I remember watching an interview with Billy Joel and the interviewer asked him if he was happy. His answer I thought was perfect. He explained that happiness was a temporary state and not a permanent condition. He went on to say that he was content.

Content! One of the definitions is a state of satisfaction.

So, my New Year’s wish for all my readers is that we all achieve a state of contentment in 2021. It’s not shooting for the stars. But it will beat the heck out of 2020!

Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be reached at

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