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I wanted to respond to State Sen. Ron Grooms’ column in the July 14 News and Tribune regarding his support of the Baker-Schultz Carbon Dividends Plan. Any business that produces a product, be it a car or electricity, has to take into account ALL costs pertaining to the production of said product in order to come up with a selling price that covers those costs and makes the business a profitable one.

So common sense would tell us that any added fee, re: carbon fee, would simply be added onto the selling price of the product. So in effect, the dividend check that “every American, young and old, rural and urban” receives would be nothing more than a return of the money we had already paid, in the form of higher prices on the products. The same would seem to hold true for foreign imported products.

As we try to endure another summer of out-of-control Western U.S. wildfires, drought, arctic thawing and European flooding, all with loss of life and possessions, the need for climate control consciousness becomes ever greater. And ONLY through thoughtful government regulation and the actual limitation of the expelling of harmful greenhouse gases will we even begin to reverse the damage that could then lead to a more healthful world for the future.

I believe that Sen. Grooms is truly sincere in his wish to “protect the environment for generations to come,” however, the Baker-Schultz Plan is nothing more than a continuation of Reagan-era legislation to favor large corporations. I understand the need for businesses to invest in the equipment necessary for the removal of these harmful agents and I’m willing to accept a small increase in their prices to help cover some of these costs. But oversight is also a condition I would ask for.

I also, as much as possible, buy domestic products as a means of support for American business and this practice would only increase as manufacturing became cleaner. In the long run, the benefits for businesses participating in building a better world/environment will reap the rewards of respect and growth. To continue down the current path and disguise unregulated carbon emissions by handing out “free money” is criminal.

Jonn H. Frey, Jeffersonville

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