Letters to the Editor

My name Is Kathleen Parks. I am the Kentucky Jefferson County Commissioner: District C. I ran for public office with a promise that I would help my people, descendants of American slaves. Unfortunately, after being elected County Commissioner, I find that I am powerless to help my people, because Louisville, Kentucky’s administration won’t allow the people’s voice to be heard, because the people are misidentified. Misidentifying a people so their voice can’t be heard at the polls is RACIAL DISCRIMINATION at the highest level of Louisville, Kentucky’s administration and America’s government.

I was appointed to “First Lady of Reparations for Slavery” by Norris Shelton, President of American Slaves, Inc. Since being involved with Dr. Norris Shelton, who has earned two “Doctor of Humanities” degrees in the field of slavery and has written 17 books that explain every aspect of slavery, I realize America’s racial problem. His books include the negative aftereffects of slavery that America is experiencing at this very moment, including the senseless killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and other descendants of American slaves.

Politicians have no idea what is really going on in America, but Dr. Shelton does. He drafted the “American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan.” It is designed to cure America’s racial woes and put an end to racial discrimination for good. He has tried for years to get Mayor Fischer to implement the plan, but Fischer has made it clear that the plan is politically incorrect, simply because Dr. Shelton identifies the oppressed people in the West End of Louisville as descendants of American slaves. After reading Dr. Shelton’s books I realized my true identity and I am proud to be a descendant of American slaves and I want to help my people.

In my position as First Lady of Reparations for Slavery and as Kentucky Jefferson County Commissioner, I represent the people who voted for me. Louisville’s racist political climate won’t allow me to represent my people because we are descendants of American slaves. Dr. Shelton explained this to Mayor Fischer before he became Mayor and Fischer promised that his door would be open to descendants of American slaves if Shelton worked in his campaign. Unfortunately, politicians make promises they have no intention of keeping. That is why Dr. Shelton came to me.

So far, the news media and all politicians, including Barack Obama and Donald Trump, have thumbed their noses at Dr. Shelton’s effort to help America because they say he is not politically correct. I tried in my position as Kentucky Jefferson County Commissioner to get Councilpersons and other politicians to introduce legislation that would correct America’s worsening racial situation. They are afraid to touch anything that is not politically correct. That is why I am stepping over the line and contacting you. I have been submerged in racial ignorance just as all America has. As Dr. Shelton explains in his books: There is no shame in being racially ignorant; all humans are ignorant of something. There is shame in staying racially ignorant when cultural intelligence is brought to the reparations for slavery table. I need your help to get the good news of slavery into the right hands.

Kathleen Parks, Kentucky Jefferson County Commissioner District C and First Lady of Reparations for Slavery

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