Letters to the Editor

Another open letter to the QUAD region, aka KYANA: Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany; including Louisville, KY. p.s. it’s soooo hard to tell the boundaries!

First, let me proclaim that there is A NEW Season and an ANEW (in “a new” or different and typically more positive way) Movement/Ministry taking place: Truth!

In my previous letter, I shared about my mom (deceased 2008) asking me to promise her that when I re-enter the ministry to preach/advocate Truth. However, since I wrote that letter, it came to my remembrance that I was somewhat remiss: I didn’t emphasize the depth of truth: the WHOLE Truth. I should’ve explained that there exists WHOLE/COMPLETE truth; and, half-truths, even deception; plus, there are no or untruths, lies (yes, these include the little “white ones” Therefore, I must then advocate for the Truth, the WHOLE Truth and nothing but the COMPLETE TRUTH (so help us GOD).

For your information, to take part in this ANEW Movement/Ministry (if the shoe fits where it), you do not have to join or sign anything; nor pay a fee, neither gather together! Most importantly, it does not matter your status, ethnicity, race, creed, color, occupation, education, religious or denomination or no affiliation, state, city or zip code, age, sex, gender, rich or poor!

So how does one become a part of this ANEW Movement/Ministry? It’s easy!!! First, it’s A gift: receive and plant this SEED of the WHOLE Truth, place it in GOOD soil! And, remember to keep it “watered” with the rain of a repentant heart. That’s it. Simple.

So you know, my goal is to built a memorial even a monument that will last forever; and, most importantly, stand the test of time; because, the WHOLE Truth is eternal.

So, will you help me built this monument? Will you become part of this ANEW Ministry/Movement? You don’t have to tell others, it will become evident, you just have to do: show them, become ANEW! by planting the SEED of the WHOLE Truth.

Let me end my letter this way . . .

There’s a saying: you do what you are; thus, DO GOOD (A just man does justice; a corrupt man does evil; a half-truth spoken man is deceptive and, one with no truth in him is a liar). Yet, the worst possible thing to do is NOTHING: for when GOOD men do nothing evil prevails!

Cheryl Herth, Clarksville

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