Letters to the Editor

Has everyone heard the phrase, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water?” It’s an idiomatic expression for an avoidable error in which something good is eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad, or in other words, rejecting the favorable along with the unfavorable.

Sadly, that’s what leaders of all types are doing when they talk about dismantling, defunding and essentially eliminating police departments. In doing so they handcuff current police departments in big cities where riots and looting are taking place from acting. It’s also spurred other outrageous acts.

They intentionally misuse the word systemic – meaning racism runs through entire police departments instead of saying police departments have isolated racists and misfits that should be fired. Yes, just to buttress their arguments to defund or get rid of police departments. How insane is that?

Do we have bad doctors and nurse practitioners so we should get rid of all of them? Truck Drivers? Lawyers? Of course, and no matter the profession you’re always going to have some bad apples turn up no matter what we do.

At night in Atlanta a man grabbed a cops Taser and ran off. When he turned and aimed it at the officer he was shot. Yes, he could have disabled the cop and took his firearm. So he was shot and killed. Now we’re blaming the cop? Yes, it’s ridiculous.

What about the problems when streets and highways are blocked? So much for emergency vehicles. Don’t let your house catch on fire or have a medical emergency. Forget 911 calls.

How about truck drivers refusing to deliver in areas with defunded, dismantled police forces. Where are you going to get your food? Medicines?

I talked to my cousin in New Athens, IL. She was driving on a highway to get back home when a van drove up behind her and waved a gun out the window at her. She panicked and took a quick right as soon as she could and took a dirt road. The van continued and she called 911 and reported it. Evidently others had done the same. When she pulled into New Athens three police cars had the van surrounded.

Eliminate entire police departments. I think not, with both growing populations, demonstrations, rioting, looting and the like, we need more police. I hope next time you see a policeman you thank him for all he does for us.

John Krueger, Clarksville

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