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Beardsley family grateful for love, support at patriarch’s passing

I am writing on behalf of the family of Stephen J. Beardsley, beloved father, husband, PopPop, brother, attorney, and friend to all, who recently passed on March 2nd, 2021. We don’t know how to begin to say thank you to the community for the incredible outpouring of love and support the community has shown us during this difficult time.

Thank you to the News and Tribune and Daniel Suddeath for the beautiful article last week that so perfectly captured Dad’s spirit (i.e. “The People’s Attorney”), the Floyd County Democrats and Adam Dickey for the powerful legacy statement, Judge Cody, the Floyd County Circuit Court, and local law community who knew Dad and his eccentricities so well, Mayor Gahan and the City of New Albany, and to everyone who shared countless stories and tribute posts celebrating the incredible ways that Dad impacted your daily lives.

Dad never retired because he truly loved what he did — helping people through difficult times. We have received so many deeply moving (and often amusing) notes and cards from people sharing how Dad touched their lives (thank you SO MUCH for these treasured stories). He was charismatic, eccentric, elegant, passionate, hilarious, deeply caring, and utterly brilliant.

As children, we were keenly aware that we “shared” Dad with everyone we encountered. I remember feeling mild annoyance growing up that we couldn’t eat a meal at the Waffle House (or later Vic’s) without it being interrupted by someone coming up to chat with Dad. I look at the beauty of those simple, passing “disruptions” quite differently now as an adult. He seemed to know and have a special connection with everyone he met; what an amazing way to move through the world.

We knew that Dad towered large in our family and in his beloved chosen community of Southern Indiana, but I don’t think we could even begin to imagine the scope of that reach until now. I’d like to end with a quote from a card that so perfectly captures the way Dad lived his life: “His generosity with his time and talent was pretty legendary, and he never wanted recognition or a payback. For such a flamboyant personality, his good deeds were the quietest thing about him.” Thank you all for your support; don a dapper hat and bowtie and do a good deed today in his honor.

Hannegan Roseberry, New Albany

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