Letters to the Editor

Brandy Brewer is ‘THE candidate for this moment’

We are under 40 days until the general election, and while we all have ready access to information on presidential candidates, it can be significantly more difficult to find meaningful information about our local candidates. Today, it’s time to learn about Brandy Brewer, candidate for Clark County Council.

Brandy Brewer is a special education teacher working on her doctorate, focusing on non-traditional instruction; she is THE candidate for this moment. I am a teacher in Clark County, and I am impressed by Brandy’s plans for our county. Her plan is focused on returning the ABCs to our county.

A stands for accountability, to make sure the appropriation of county level funds are reflective of the needs and demographics of residents. B represents balancing the social inequities around schools. For our current moment amid a pandemic and eLearning, this means internet and technology access, especially in rural areas. Increasingly, this also means assistance programs through school systems to ensure our students have basic necessities. C is community, specifically the Community Abatement Fund. Brandy’s plan is to use a portion of these funds to help fund schools, housing, public health issues, and small businesses.

As a teacher in Clark County, I am excited about Brandy Brewer’s candidacy for County Council, because it is clear to see how her plans can help our schools and our students at a crucial time. I look forward to the fall’s election so I can cast my vote for Brandy Brewer for Clark County Council, and I urge you to research Brandy’s campaign and do the same.

Erin McCartin Braune, Jeffersonville

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