Letters to the Editor

I was in a local store this week that had a person stationed at the front door to see that customers were wearing a mask. This was great, but inside there were individuals who had removed them. I wish I could feel free to remind them without fear of being part of a video on social media. As an alternative, I wish the management would have a few roaming employees to remind customers and possibly escort those who refuse to the exit. This is what the airlines are doing.

Then I read where Louisville health officials will expand inspections and begin to publish a list of businesses that do not follow the requirements. Indiana is now implementing a mask requirement and telling businesses to post signs that masks are ”required,” not just “recommended.” Perhaps, we should follow the example of our neighbor to the South, inspect businesses and publish lists of those not enforcing requirements.

I know it is a Catch-22 situation for businesses. They do not want to drive off customers and do not want to put their employees into a confrontation that could lead to physical harm and/or a bad public image. However, they also risk losing customers who do not want to take a chance of exposure to the virus and avoid that business. And, we are in a fight for lives that calls for some tough choices.

David Isaacs, New Albany

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