Letters to the Editor

No one ever wants to receive bad news from their doctor. But among the many Hoosiers living with cancer like my Dad and their loved ones, this scenario is all too real.

Out-of-pocket health-care costs are on the rise, with some Hoosiers unable to access the life-saving treatments and medications recommended by their providers. Far too many individuals have been forced to drain their savings to pay for treatment. Others have had to choose between paying their bills and refilling prescriptions.

To help pay for their prescriptions, some patients rely on financial assistance programs offered by drug companies or other third parties. But insurers don’t always count those assistance programs toward a patient’s deductible or out-of-pocket maximum, still leaving patients with unaffordable costs once their assistance program is exhausted.

No one should be penalized for utilizing a financial assistance program to afford their care — especially those who are living with cancer. A fix to this problem has been proposed at both the state and federal level and I hope that our lawmakers will support it.

Mary Kost, New Albany Volunteer and State Lead Ambassador American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

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