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Center for Lay Ministries, CLM board thank volunteers

The Center for Lay Ministries (CLM) Food Pantry staff and CLM Board of Directors are extremely thankful for the volunteers who have physically been with us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These amazing volunteers enabled CLM to remain open, carrying out our mission to feed Clark County residents in need.

Volunteers were: Michelle Anderson, Paul Anderson, Rita Baker, Jack Banbury, Sharon Bloat, Marilyn Brenner, Barb Brewster, Thaddaeus Broussard, Cheryl Brown, Keith Brown, Rick Beyers, Linda Calloway, JoAnn Clark, John Clark, Mildred Clark, Kerri Cline, Amanda Collier, Belinda Conn, Bobbie Cooper, Linda Cox, Mary Crawford, Kelley Curran, Krista Dietrich-Osiecki, John Eckert, Suzanne Eckert, Julie Ellis, Ellen Everwine, Meg Everwine, Rachel Everwine, Lynne Fleece, Martha Frakes, Cheryl Garbe, Irene Gardea, Vincent Gardea, Lyle Gernand, Peg Gernand, Sicilia Giacalone, Chastity Glowaski, Rhonda Grangier, Carla Gutknecht, Jim Howard, Kirsten Jayne, Julie Lee Jenkins, Mary Kelly, Janice Kennedy and Nancy Kennedy.

Also Julie Kotuba, Bob Krall, Linda LaDuke, Gary Law, Mike Leach, Bev Leslie, Chris Ligman, Dean Little, Jazmyn Lowe, Lea Ann Lumpkins, Kevin Lynn, Sandy McCauley, Becky McCoy, Judy McGuire, Brett McIntyre, Gloria McKnight, Jeff McMahan, Hattie McNealy, Pat McNichol, Nancy Montgomery, Ainsley Myers, Elda Myers, Laura Myers, Carla Nikitas, Nick Nikitas, Emma Nunez, Jeric Nunez, Ashley Ocker, Carmen Osiecki, Lindle Osiecki, Juanita Oster, Kenny Oster, Wayne Ottinger, Lee Overpeck, Suzanne Phillips, Leah Poindexter, Danielle Pound, Sue Rainbolt, Debbie Read, Summer Read, Elaine Revak & Her Neighborhood Team, Taylor Ridings, Scott Rife, Veronica Rife and LeeAnn Riffle.

And Jerry Robertson, Mary Chris Rodden, Cindy Sadler, Carla Sanders, Lou Seawright, Bryson Sebastian, Etta Shelby, Quinten Shewmaker, Cody Smith, Delaney Smith, Pat Steele, Beverly Stewart, Steven Stocksdale, Mike Stutsman, Phil Sullivan, Dorothy Sutherland, Nick Swim, Anne Terwilliger, Mark Truman, Bunky Very, Tex Very, Bruce Williams, Denise Wiseman, Women of the Bliss House, Mag Young and Chris Zavitson.

When others were safely in their homes, these brave volunteers often were working outside in the extreme heat and cold, only thinking of our families without food, including many of our children who were home from school. Nobody can doubt just how difficult and stressful the past year has been for everyone. But through it all, CLM has been there to help and we could not have functioned without our volunteers. Thank you!

Megan S. William, CLM volunteer coordinator; Kara Brown, executive director; CLM staff; and Board of Directors

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