Letters to the Editor

Selecting a president not that hard

Seems like no one knows who to vote for between the Harris-Biden so called team, and the Trump-Pence team. Well, do you want to vote for a national mandate of mask wearing nationwide because people are deemed too stupid to think for themselves? Do you want a national gun confiscation program? How about a 160,000 employee tracer police to arrest people who don't wear masks or get closer than 6 ft? How about a vote for police to be against federal agents protecting a federal building in Portland? (Maybe to have open season to burn down Federal courthouses?) Is it good to have a VP picked by a side of Congress and not the candidate and who is hated by most Americans, and the guy running for president actually hates her too?

To have a federal land bank nationwide to tell farmers what to grow and when, or have their land taxed to the hilt? To vote for a massive tax increase on American businesses, which would kill the job market and would lower tax revenue collected? To vote for a candidate who left people to die in Benghazi, North Africa, and lied about it? To give money to a certain race for not being alive when anything happened to people they didn't know? To vote for eliminating the electoral college? To vote for making Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico states for political purposes, reparation for homosexuals, elimination of borders, increasing welfare programs, and on and on ... or the other guy? He wants to continue securing the border, keep building the economy, strengthening the military, no socialism, protecting Israel, reducing taxes for all, protecting the unborn kids, keep following the Constitution exactly as written, eliminating unfair trade, continue to clean up government corruption, ensure the previous administration's billions given to Iran for no reason doesn't pay for their bombs, and on and on. Gee, it's hard to make up my mind...

John Lallemand, Dade City, FL (formerly of New Albany)

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